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More Revenue. Higher Scalability. 
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Guaranteed growth through weekly 1:1 coaching.

Our accelerator doubles your revenue in 90 days. 
The average ROI 55%-126% with single spikes over 250%.
Find out your ROI. 


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Watch this video with Strategy Sprints coach Georg Stampfl on how to grow your business in 90 days


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What our clients say

Listen to other sprinters' direct feedback and how our customers feel about the Strategy Sprint.
If a picture is worth a 1000 words, what is a video worth? 

“The Strategy Sprint is the Netflix of Courses. If you run a business, I definitely recommend that you work with Strategy Sprints!”

Salvatore Caristo

Shipbuilding Industry

“The Sprint gave us direction, focus and pace! It helped a lot our business verticals to steer in the desired direction. It provides focus for our business activities every quarter.”

Gerald Aschbacher

Head of Strategy, Greentube

“The Strategy Sprint really matched it’s name. We got our game up really fast!”

Andreas Fraunberger

Ceo Junge Römer

“I did the 90 Day Strategy Sprints. I want to give you an advice. Implement the assignments your Sprint Coach gives you every week. It will turbo-boost your growth, believe me!”

Michael Toms

"CEO Asset Up"

“We did a lot of Sprints, and the business results were great. We look forward to many more Sprints with you. Keep Sprinting guys!”

Florian Herkner

Business Development Manager, Symrise AG

“I worked with Strategy Sprints to define the Strategy of a whole business segment of a Blue Chip Medical Company. We moved forward in a fast and efficient way. I recommend the Strategy Sprints to anybody who values precise and quick help and solutions!”

Stefan Helm

Managing Director, HelmCare

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“I recommend the Strategy Sprint to anyone who wants to focus unlock new businesses via premium, high-class consulting and training”

Harald Weissbart

Deutsche Bahn Leadership Academy

“In the 90 Day Strategy Sprint we created the right marketing and sales systems for our business. Our revenue went up by 50% from month one to month three”

Gerald Doblhammer

Founder Stay On Track

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This will insure speed and relevance.

World class coaches + tools to outperform = your team wins. 


We will craft a detailed report on your specific ROI on the accelerator. Start the survey process here so we can get into a conversation on how you can double your revenue in 90 days with us. 

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Joachim Schwendenwein

Founder of 21st Sustainable Futures

"If you think about scaling your service, look no further. Sprint!"

Sabri Eryigit

Co-Founder and Managing Director NAP Next Action Partners

"Great job Simon. As a consultant I know that consulting consultants is a master class discipline. I am still impressed how you guided us through our strategy process with excellence, love and patience.”

Florian Herkner

Business Development Manager, Beverages CEE, Flavor Division EAME, Symrise AG

"The strategy sprints team challenged us in a row of sprints to go from business idea to results in only one day. They are excellent partners combining industry experience with a fresh mindset helping us creating value for food solutions."

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Alexander Kalchmann

Head of Marketing & Communications, Greentube Internet Entertainment

"The Sprint Programme has created more positive change in our company than any other initiative. Thank you Sprints Team and Simon!"

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What are the your key things to improve this month? Identify and solve one bottleneck after the other. Take the assessment and get clarity on your focus for the next 90 days.


You run a business that has momentum and you want to ensure you keep that momentum, no matter what’s happening in the economy. 

You want your company to be weather-resistant and responsive. You want to deploy the strategies, tactics and frameworks that will create return right now and in the future.

You want to know how to implement effective marketing and sales that will get customers to buy from you, no matter what.

You want to know how to handle your mindset, your finances, operations, team effectively.

You want a community of other Entrepreneurs along with leadership from some of the top Entrepreneurs in the world, mentoring you along the path.

You want to future proof your business and ensure that nothing, including a recession will stop you from sharing your knowledge, expertise, talent and savvy with your customers.

Complete The Short Application

Your sprint coach will work with you 1:1 to create with you:

Game Plan

A really good, customized, specific game plan for the next 90 days for your business: Having clarity is one of the most important parts of being able to hit your goals and being able to scale your business.

Business Model

The right business model and product: One of the most important things for being able to scale is not to scale something that isn’t scalable, so many Entrepreneurs scale a loss, or something that isn’t really going to serve them or their customers- being clear, gives you more customers and more ease in your life.

Trusted System

A marketing and sales system: I’m certain you’ve heard it before, but I’m going to give you actionable steps. If you don’t have a way to turn strangers into those who follow you and want to do business with you, you’re in trouble. Further, if there’s only one source of being able to turn strangers into customers, you’ve also got a problem.

Be relevant

The ability to be relevant and omnipresent:The Sprint frameworks and methods will help you being seen as RELEVANT to your customers, their life and to the solution of those problems.

Right Mindset

Mindset: Even after we give Entrepreneurs all the strategy and the tactics, why do some not obtain success and others do? Without the right mindset inside of your business, your ability to succeed is low.
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Community: Connection is one of the most important parts of our human experience, when someone has the enrichment of a community of like-minded people who are all attempting to do the similar thing, magic happens. Entrepreneurship can be lonely and when you feel like it’s just “you”, things can be much more difficult.

Right Choices

The Right Choices at the Right Time: In our experience Entrepreneur’s success or failure is based on the accumulation of their decision making. The more good choices, the further they get towards what they might call success. Quick Wins based on Proven Business Strategies and Tactics: I’m talking knowing exactly what to do, the campaigns, having the swipes, understanding the processes that make the most sense for right now.

Responsive Business

Understanding the 5 major systems of a responsive business: Growth Systems, Leadership Mindset, Cash Management, Financial Steering and smooth Operations.

Are you ready to sprint?

Complete The Short Application Now

The main Value of a Strategy Sprint?

CEOs typically know what they should do, but not the right order, or when the perfect timing is. Also every top performer needs an outside perspective and that little tough love at least once a week.


  • A 1:1 sprint coach that works 24/7 with you in removing obstacles and creating massive results with you.
  • The ability to use our plug and play marketing campaigns that help you engage your current customers, turn your audience into customers, get more phone calls and use social selling...
  • How to generate more revenue from your current customers...
  • Invent the more irresistible offers and messaging during this time...
  • Dozens of step by step methods to bring more cash into your business right now...
  • How to use social media marketing in the most effective ways, including Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Groups...
  • How to use Email Marketing Campaigns to re-engage your customers and ensure they end up on the phone and your sale page...
  • Step by step deployment of extremely cost effective campaigns no matter the size of your audience to create massive return on your investment..
  • How to reposition your brand, your offers and your messaging for what makes the most sense right now...
  • How to deploy growth systems around marketing and sales that overnight can easily help you generate the cash you need.
  • How to use the cash you currently have in the bank, how to use credit available to you, what to spend money on and what to not spend money on.
  • How to manage your team, let your team go, talk to your team and everything you need to manage your team during this time.
  • Strategies and tactics to tackle your pricing, payments plans and how to structure your products, programs and services. 
  • How to use RBS (relation building sequences)  to increase the number of people who pay you and increase the speed.
  • The startup value chain model, giving you the templates, swipes and information needed to help you give new offers during this time to generate a massive amount of new revenue. 
  • How to use paid advertising during this time, how to generate a massive new audience and how to ensure that paid advertising works for you during this time (if you want to use it). 
  • How to use organic traffic during this time and activate viral sharing of your marketing, your funnels and who you are.
  • How to use partnerships, podcasts and affiliates, one of the biggest ways to generate a massive level of new audience, attention and leads during this time. We even include all the swipes and process on how to do this and make it happen quickly.
  • Sales scripts that you can use on the phone, on text, messenger or email to turn leads, old leads or even new leads into customers.
  • The battle-proven productivity structures that are needed for you and your team right now and how to implement it for a massive optimization increase.
  • Deep dives into every element of your mindset, no matter what that mindset is.