10k become 121k! The 10x investment system full guide The Best Business Coach I Simon Severino

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10k become 121k! The 10x investment system full guide The Best Business Coach I Simon Severino


Elements inside the investment system

Sprinters excited to talk investment system. Can we hundred X really? Can we 10 X, how many rounds, how much time does it take in years in months to 10 X crypto investment portfolio? How are we doing in, in which wave in which cycle are we, are we in the defi wave in the metaverse wave, which wave is coming, which wave is ending. All these questions answered in this short video, where we go through your investment system and how you can go for 10 X in a realistic way. So if you're new to this channel, we talk about how you can create your earning system saving system and investment systems. And when you create your investment system, cause this is not financial advice, this is information on how you can create your own system and take your decisions based on numbers, based on reality so that you crash it so that you either build wealth or preserve your wealth for coming generations.

So element one portfolio construction is what we look at today. And then you need asset selection system. You need an entry and exit system, which is not emotion everybody's selling. I sell everybody's buying. I buy that's exactly the only thing that doesn't work. So you need an entry system, which is emotions free, and you need an exit system, which is emotions free. And we will teach you how and the research system is how you decide if it's a buy, should I buy? And the Reba system is how you keep the BCAs that you have selected in your portfolio construction part at the beginning. Let's say you have said you want to have 5% in each categories. And these are the categories. The rebalancing system is when you look, oh, I am now at 6.1%. I need to rebalance. So with these elements, you have an investment system and now you can actually hundred X or 10 X, your portfolio.

But let's look at what is realistic in terms of time investment. Because if you are doing this full-time and you are pro, then you are probably not, you don't need this, right? And you can a hundred X because you have hundred hours per week to do this. Or you have a team of analysts that runs your investment system then. Yeah. but most people watching this, right? They have a, they run a company or they have a job. And on the side they are a retail investor and these people need this system. So if you are like me, you run a company and on the side, you want to keep your wealth or roll your wealth. Then the 10 X system is something for you because to really hundred X and many here in YouTube are telling you that you can hundred X, let's go a little bit deeper and see how you can really hundred X.

So if you would hundred X, you would need to monitor 100 assets. You would have probably one winner and 99 losers. You would need to research 50 hours per week to identify the right one hundreds to pick. And you would need 50 hours per week to rebalance to about how to keep that portfolio. Just with the winning horses in round one, you, you would do 10,000 from the one winner and 9,900 from the 99 losers. And so you basically double your amount round in round one. You double it again in round two, and you can double it again in round three, if everything goes well, but remember for everything to go, well, you have put in here now, 100 hours of work for many, many, many weeks and months. So it's a full time job, right? So you have done zero revenue in your other areas.

And so we want to help you create an earning system saving system and investment system and investment system is just the last part of all your revenue systems, where you have something on the side, creating wealth for you. So that if you have three things in place, a revenue system with reliable sales and reliable sales team saving system, something where you can park your value so that it appreciates and not depreciates. And then investment system where you can 10 X over three rounds just by putting in seven hours per week of one hour per day. Then this is the 10 next system that I'm gonna share with you. And this is what I am sharing here every day. And I will tell you when I buy something and I will tell you when I sell something it's not financial at, as I'm sharing with you, my journey. And I hope that this can inform your decisions. So the goal here is to double three times, which is realistic. You can double three times if you monitor 10 assets and you can monitor 10 assets, I'll show you how with one hour time allocation per day. Now the win rate that you need is quite realistic because you just need three winners and you can have seven losers.


The free trading view plan

The research time needed is probably five hours per week. And it's enough if you rebalance just for two hours per week, I do the rebalancing on Sundays. When my kids sleep have small kids. And when they sleep, I do the rebalancing takes me one and a half hours an example. So again, we start with 10,000, we put 10,000 into 10 assets. This is really important that you limit yourself to 10 assets. Why? Because otherwise you cannot do this with seven hours per week. Cause you have to monitor the 10 assets. How will you monitor them? Let me show you the free trading view plan is good enough for you. This is the free plan that I'm using right here to show you. And you look at a couple things like, for example, we are looking at FTA here and you see the Bollinger band that I'm using.

You see the Airi and with these two things, you come pretty far on top of it. I use the sharp ratio, which is a risk reward number. But even with this two things, you can come pretty far. The main model that I use, mental model is Elliot waves and Woff distribution. But right here, when you monitor every week, one thing is to understand in which wave part are we, are we in phase one of the wave phase two or phase three example in defi, we are in phase three with Bitcoin. We are in phase three of this current wave with metaverse. We are in phase one of the current wave. And so this is how you understand, okay, are we in a bull or bear market? How long will it pump? So, so for example, right now, most all coins, you should not invest in because they are at 70% of their, of this current wave.

So there is just 30% more to go. And that that will definitely not 10 X because they've just 30% it of space to run before the next bear market and markets go always in waves S curve shaped waves. So whatever is up, we go back down to this yellow line, to the moving average, whatever is down. We'll go up again, probably. And then you look at so first thing, Bollinger bands, upper band and lower band, and the base is in the middle, the basis, the fair price. So if, if it's below, you can buy. If it's above, you can sell. Now volume is important and even more important is the RSI. Relative strength index tells you if it's over boat or oversold, you want to buy with an RSI below 30, and you want to sell with an RSI above 70, just write down these two numbers, 30 by 70 sell.

And you have 80% of the information that you know, and that you need. So with the free plan it's enough. You don't need to spend a ton of money because that's not your main job for finding seven losers and three winners. This is enough plus a disciplined mindset of doing that one hour every day. And if you use my checklist, you have something that tells you exactly what to are doing this hour. And you just go through the checklist, motions out systems in that's a good way to have an investment system based on numbers. And that is it. You don't need much more. You look at the day and you look at the week and you compare it times you get more clarity. Also, when you look at the month. So for example, here you say that in the week we are highly over boat, the a size 88, which is when you wanna sell.

And we are at the upper band of the Bollinger band, which means it will cool down, back to the yellow line. That's the weak. But if we look at the day, the day says, oh, we have cooled down already. And we are moving towards fair value again. And also the RSI has cooled down, which validates that pattern. So it's about pattern recognition. It's moving down. It will touch the yellow line soon. So now you would buy, right? Maybe if you have zero positions in it and you need to build your position, you can buy. Cause it's near to Fairbank you. But if you have some positions you don't need to buy right now, you will only add to your position when it dips or corrects or crashes. If it falls 5%, you buy a little bit, it falls 10%. You buy a lot. It falls 27%.

Getting back on your track

You sell bike to buy more. If it's one of your top 10 horses that you have picked because they have 10 X potential. And that's, that's the research work to find these strong horses. Now let's look at the horses. So 10 X you can do with seven hours per week. If you put in the discipline to do all the steps that we share here in the channel to do the portfolio construction, to use the asset selection system, you have your entry and exit system, and you do all the 10 steps of the research system. And you do every week, you are rebalancing work. Then 10 X is possible.

Now let's see if you limit to tennis. And this is really important because many start with 10, but then they, their friends say, oh, look at this, oh, look at that. And the YouTubers come in and say, oh, you have to do this. Or you have to do that. And the thumbnails are really emotional and they grab you. And so everything is designed in this world to keep you off from your track, from your focus. That's why this system is designed so that you get back on track. You focus back to your top 10 horses. And if we look at the current 10 X assets, these guys here in our portfolio have us 10. Next Solana has 10 X, avalanche has 10. Next maker has TenX walks has the next. So, and remember time in the market, beats timing the market. If you were just early enough and entering Solana at 20, you have, you have a 10 X and similar with the other three now possible 10 assets moving forward.

We are analyzing right now with you here. Every, I will do one new analysis. We are looking at engine, the land walks and again, a again, render gala ultra curve, the sandbox, and a couple more. And we will do here, a life research with you because doing my research anyways, and I like to share my insights with you. So if you like this like the button subscribe and I will share my research with you every day as I do it so that we all can do good and do well together. Keep rolling.


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