3 ways to have more energy throughout the day Simon Severino Strategy Sprint

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3 ways to have more energy throughout the day Simon Severino Strategy Sprint


Coming with high energy

All right, Sprinters. This one is for you, the CEO, because I'm a CEO myself. And I know that some days are tough, but I also know that we are here to make the world a better place. And to do that, we need to show up, wake up, clean, up, grow up and show up. We need to come in with high energy, because if we are here, stop happens. But only we are really here. And what I mean by really here today, we will explore three things that you can do to be really present, to be really yourself in the room. Everybody feels you, everybody can get in touch with you. Everybody can get a on board with your mission, because this is what you need as a CEO. If you show up empty, nothing will happen. We will have to go into that place of abundance.

That is right now within you and come from that place. So how do we activate the high energy in you? The CEO pretty you can do right now today. Number one. What about the words that you use? Let's check some words that we use. So there are different words, right? There is, for example, there is, I, I don't feel so well today. There is. Yeah, maybe there is my favorite about math, math. Yeah. So there's a lot of things, right? That we use every day that probably don't raise your energy. What are words that really, really, really raise energy? Let me, let me show some of that today. A friend of mine made a video and shared with me his purpose. And he said, my purpose is to bring love to the people who add more love to the world. Now that touches me, that get me directly.

Because when you hear that you feel him, you feel the energy in the room. And so you connect, right? And now you can, if this is also your path, your mission, you will click in and say, Hey, I'm also on your mission. Let's do something. So this is really the basis. The basis of business is love is frequency. And so if you can get that across, then you're winning. If you don't get that across. Mm. Then it's just, ah, so let me help you with this exercise that you can do this week. Check your words for low energy versus high energy. For example, What else is like literally low energy words later

Making it better

Yeah. Words that they are using. I'm, I'm trying to do this here. Right? So, Hey Simon what do you think about this project? And I say, yeah, Hey, I think it might believe it might work, right? That's that's all low energy, low energy, low energy. What is a high energy of saying no, I of projects that move courage forward and this one has not courage in the foreground. So look, four high energy words. So what are high energy words that you want to use? Courage, love, impact, serve this contribution. And we can go on and on check how these words feel for you, check how the words feel that you are using, and then try to replace one of them today. When you say a similar thing, try to replace them with a high energy word that we'll make a difference, a huge difference. So the words that we use really matter, really change the thing they can make the difference from I feel low power to high to, I feel really empowered. So the word that you use matter, observe the words that you use, change a couple of them and see what happens. Step number two, music. What if I would come into a room like this,

I can use music as an energy, so works. And so I do, I think about music that gives me energy. That brings me in that place or back to that place. It's really beautiful for me and strong for me. Now, there is so much music pick your once, create a playlist that says powerful or high energy and, and immerse yourself in that when you see music jump into it, right? So that's the second thing that you can use music. I have playlists for everything. I have buttons right here. If, if I need it, I can bring myself into the right mood.

I was asking my team, do we need a, a team song? And they were, yeah. Sprints. All right, let's do it. And so I'm working right now on that. Why not? If it gives you energy, then take it, take it, use it, right. You have a responsibility here and you can only show up really consistently every day, if you have enough energy to do so. And nobody can do that for you. You are responsible to manage your energy. So tip number two was use music, the music that gives you energy, that inspires you music use it to give yourself energy right now every day. Tip number three, your actions, your actions make a difference. Right? I said, wake up, clean up grow up show up. So what can you do of wake up, wake up. How I use wake up is really decrease the number of informations that you get in decrease the subscriptions, et cetera.

I don't have a TV since 15 years. I had I limit the amount of inputs and I pick or two information sources. And I'm also very careful which time of the day is good for me. For example, I don't watch the news, but I have specific newsletter that should inform me, give me some knowledge. And I listen to them in the morning, not in the evening, find the time that is good for you, right? That's the wake up part, reduce the outside information and connect more to your insights, to your creator sites, to your creative sites, because you need a little bit of boredom so that your creativity comes out. So that's the wake up part. Then we have the cleanup part, right? Organize your desk, your files, your team yourself in a way that is good for you. That nourishes you.

Amazing result

It gives you again, energy motivation every day. Then the third part was grow up, right? Grow up means, for example, when you find yourself saying victim words, I have to bring my kids to school. I get to bring them to school. Cause otherwise I cannot experience them in this really moment where they have some fears and excitements and questions and I can be there for them answering those questions. And that moment I feel amazing because I feel like the protector the, the, the Papa that they need, right? So I, you can feel like the light, the love, the protector, the medicine that you are in that moment. So if you decide to bring your kids to school, enjoy it, don't turn it into victim mode. That's what I call grow up because you are not grown up until I hear you saying I have to do this. I have to do that. I have to, as long as you say, I have to, you are not completely grown up. So how do you grow up? Say I get to do this. I choose to do this. I want to do this because I love it. And that's why I do it. And that's why I make time for it.

And so this is a actions that you might wanna consider. And this is something like a checklist, right? That I use for myself. The last part is show up and by show up, I mean, pick a topic and show up every day start maybe with weekly, but then really show up. Every day I picked the topic 20 years ago, I picked the topic of strategy and now every day I'm showing up for the strategists for the CEOs and I'm here to help them navigate business growth and business scaling. And so I'm here today. I'm sharing with you something about energy management tomorrow, or I will be sharing something else that I have to share. But I'm showing up. I'm here and I'm showing up every day in bad times. And in good times, right, these times are pretty bad economy, et cetera, outside a ton of things that are very negative.

So I see you low energy. I make a bit about high energy. What can you do to raise your energy? This is how you can pick your topic. Pick the people you are here to serve and then serve, show up in your vulnerability, in how you are in a natural way and share something with them. And this was the video of today. Hope it helps three things that you can do to raise your energy. Number one words, check the low energy words and the high energy words that you use prefer the high energy over the low energy words, like courage, law, contribution, service, and whatever high energy words are from you. Right? Second thing that you can do use music, pick music that gives you energy, that motivates you, that connects you to your true self and listen to this music. Don't let yourself stop you from, from being happy. Cause that's your default mode. Your default mode is being happy. And number three, your actions check if you are really waking up, cleaning up and showing up ending. So hope that helps keep rolling everybody.

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