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5 Day Freedom Sprint

Uncategorized Jan 23, 2020

Let me ask you this: when was the last time you read a book from start to finish? If you’re like me, you struggle with that too. A few years ago, that was much easier to do but now I find myself easily distracted.


Everybody seems to talk about how it is becoming harder and harder to focus in this day and age. We’ve had tons of readers and customers tell us in emails, Slack messages and private forum messages that they too struggle with staying focused.


As a result, we don’t finish books, we miss our goals, we amass half-finished projects, and most of all… we disappoint ourselves and our loved ones. 


At Strategy Sprints we want to help you move your business forward, day after day. That’s what productivity is all about – intentionally moving forward what matters. Showing up consistently for the people who care.



Imagine you focus on your most important goal for more than 30 minutes every day. What would that do for you?

Now imagine if you could get in your flow for an hour or more every day, while you're happily working on something you enjoy and that helps you achieve your goals.

You've done it before. You know that feeling.

It’s that feeling when time just flies by and you're winning at life.

That's what focus really is. You're so focused, working on something that matters, forgetting everything else that's going on.

We want to help you get back into that state. So starting now, we're  hosting the 5-Day Freedom Sprint Challenge that helps you overcome procrastination.

Over the course of the next 5 days, we'll give you a daily challenge that will help you regain focus and flow.

And to increase your motivation, even more, we'll be giving away a big reward to those who show the most commitment and progress throughout the 5-Day Challenge. Here are the top 3 prizes ($2484 value):


  1. One year free access to the “Strategy Masterclass” in the Sprint University ($828 Value)
  2. One year free access to the “Scalable Processes” Course in the Sprint University ($828 Value)
  3. One year free access to the “Hiring Masterclass” in the Sprint University ($828 Value)

We highly encourage you to get on board. In fact, the entire Sprints team will be re-taking this challenge next week as well. Let’s do this together!l^

Here's how you can win: 

Follow the exercises we send you and post your progress in our discussion forum. The participants who show the most progress by the end of the challenge are eligible to win. Throughout the week you’ll  get support from the other participants as well as from our team. You’ll learn from others as well as contribute to overall group productivity. We’re in this together! 

If you pull through, you win. Not only increased productivity, but you’ll be rewarded with one of our top online education courses for free..

(In the week after the challenge we'll pick a winner and ship the prizes.)

So, are you in? Click the button below and the Freedom Sprint Challenge will be sent to you next week (starting NOW).


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