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Steer clear of the rabbit hole (that leads nowhere)


Do you feel like you’re hopelessly lost in a rabbit hole? Like you’re constantly clawing your way out of quicksand? Not knowing which tasks to prioritize to move the needle? Unconsciously putting yourself in positions where there’s no way you can win?


Join Perry Marshall and me, as we address the most pressing issues about paving a way for success in sales, marketing, and business today.


Simon Severino and Perry Marshall

In the podcast:

01:25 Renaissance time — Feed your creativity: Don’t start the day with the Death Scroll.

04:10 Do you have the mental space to be 10-15 years ahead of your industry?

04:48 How to make the hours of your day count with tasks that move the needle.

09:20 The ubiquitous 80/20: Avoid losing $150,000 in 2 minutes.

16:51 The Marketing DNA Principle: Does the ideal salesperson or marketer exist?

19:50 The core fundamental elements that make sales and marketing people tick.

22:30 Know the vectors that will make you 10-20x more effective in sales and marketing.

26:35 Practical life applications of the eight Marketing DNA components.

28:45 Solving the big problems of the world: How entrepreneurial thinking applies in Science

32:32 Evergreen books: The Proverbs of Solomon — the best business book ever written.

33:52 How ancient literature contributes to the development of a businessman.

36:00 Post-COVID Era and the coming big economic boom.


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