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Be Tactical with Greg Thomas - Simon Severino | STRATEGY SPRINTS 158

In this episode, Simon welcomes Greg Thomas, managing director of  375 Park Associates. Headquartered in New York with affiliates in Asia, Europe, and the U.S. He specializes in business development, structured finance, and LBOs with a focus on disruptive companies in the food/agribusiness, energy, life sciences, luxury & lifestyle, transportation, and water industries. The strategic growth advisors that help middle-market investors and business owners overcome challenges in their portfolio. The firm also manages a small family office and currently has investments in real estate technology, alternative energy, solar, and wind, as well as cannabis.



3 Valuable Insights

  • Money is king.
  • Be flexible. We are definitely in a changing world. Organizations need to adjust to survive.
  • Keep moving the ball forward and then find different ways to do that.


Show Notes

(01:14) - Simon: Greg, what are you currently creating?

(01:58) - Greg Thomas: The bulk of our work is providing, let's say due diligence, evaluation, and strategic advisory solutions to our clients. For example, we've worked with a dreamer that just launched and we've been working with them for about two years and the app has gained tens of thousands of users each month.

(02:53) - Simon: CEO tip #1: How to run a team during these funky times.

(04:30) - Greg Thomas: I think the bigger thing is just how do we keep moving the ball forward and then finding different ways to do that.

(05:10) - Your 2nd CEO tip is that asset protection matters and the cash is still King. Can you unpack that?

(06:30) - Greg explains why he thinks cash is still king.

(09:20) - Greg shares why we should be tactical during these times.

You don't want to lose your vision of what the future is for the company, but at the end of the day, it's what we do here and now, which will help us to be positioned for that future.

(12:53) - Simon: What books have touched you recently? 

(12:53) - Greg Thomas: Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets and book of Eddy Merckx. You keep going on the bike, no matter what is just amazing.

Greg can be reached at this email address [email protected] and you can follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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