Best Time to Buy Bitcoin (Price Guide) I The Best Business Coach I Simon Severino

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Best Time to Buy Bitcoin (Price Guide) I The Best Business Coach I Simon Severino


Complete passive version

Hey sprinters, come in. I'm super excited today. I share with you a full passive strategy to generate life changing wealth and a little bit less passive one, which generates life changing wealth. Plus 45% of the first one. I am excited are you let's go.

All right. The first, like 12 years of my business, I have missed a ton of chances, Ton, because I was only looking at generating new revenues, bringing in new projects, new clients. And I became good at that, but I, I was a miserable investor because I was not thinking about, Hey, okay, with this profits, how do I make them work while I sleep? And so when I realized that much too late I wanted to get good at it. And so I started studying, studying, studying, and now after many, many thousand dollars of studying and many years of applying, let me share two of the tactics. One is fully passive. You set it in for get it. This is what most of my friends do because they have children. They run businesses. They don't wanna look at charts all the time. So that's a full passive tactic and it's pretty good.

That's the complete passive version. Second version. What if you put one hour per week into it, my goodness, you can do 45% more out of the same thing. So let's go there. First of all, the tactic is validated is used by 10 thousands of people. And it's called D dollar cost average because if you try to time the market, you will get it wrong. 99% of investors, get it wrong. Even the good investors, get it wrong. Look at Katie Wood's performance of her, of her portfolios right now. So even the smartest investors cannot time the market. So you won't time the market unless you make it your full time thing. So, and since this is about running businesses and creating revenue systems, I want you to focus on your clients and on scaling your business. And the investment part should take maybe one hour per week where you just rebalance what you have and make it more instead of having it melt away.

It's it, but it's not a full-time thing. So two things DCA, the regular DCA. That's what most, most of my friends do is a tactic. It's one of the safest tactics and is long term, most impactful wealth building tactic. The investing tactic is perfect for people who don't want to analyze charts all the time, worrying about crypto market volatility prefer a simple automated way to create and preserve wealth. Now, while this is all good and most of the time, it, it it's any day, day trading method, long term. There are simple ways to let you accumulate even 45% more of your favorite asset, which asset should you pick? You know, hard assets are high demand and limited in supply. So basically there is real estate there, Bitcoin, and then that's it. I know many of you think that gold, et cetera, that there are also, if you want, it's your decision, right? I hold also gold. It's not qualifying for both of them. Neither demand. It's been very disappointing over the years. And even this year, which should have been year of gold, nothing. And also it's not limited in supply. Nobody knows the amount of gold that is in circulation. So it's not qualifying as a hard asset, but your decision, you pick your favorite asset. And I will play these examples through, with, with Bitcoin and let's see how you can do it. So method one, DCA just buy the same amount,

But cyber it's always the same amount.

Yeah, that's the idea. It's the same amount because you just don't think about it. You just do it. You pick something where you can sleep well, you know that it's going up over time. It can be the, the S and P 500 index because, you know, in 10 years it will be higher than it is now. And then you set it and forget it. That's the DCA dollar cost average, and it's simple. And you can do it with Bitcoin, for example, on bin, you say, okay, 10 bucks per week. That's what I wanna buy. Set it, forget it. Now the exciting one D on steroids. What if you just focus on one technical indicator and that makes you plus 45% of that. Let me show you the calculation. Let's go to the numbers. Cause we don't decide based on ideas here of YouTubers, just on numbers.

The set of Bitcoin

So let's say you say, I buy 1000 bucks of Bitcoin every month at the end of the month, the system just buys it. I set it and forget it. So, and I, I would've started in January, 2018 where the price was 7,000. Then I would have now put in 12,000 in each year, 2018, put in 12,000 bucks and I would've received 1.8 Bitcoin in the first year, 3.6 Bitcoin in the second year, 4.8 Bitcoin in 2020. And in 2021, I would have now own 5.098 Bitcoin. So let's say five Bitcoin. Okay. So DCA thousand bucks per month, end of each month without thinking autopilot. And I have now 5.09, eight Bitcoins after four years. Okay. Five Bitcoins. Now let's compare it to the other one. I've put in one hour per week on average, I've just set the RSI indicator at below 20.

I will show you exactly what it means, but RSI below 20. And I do the same thing you buy at the end of every month, but only when the RSI is below 20. So can be at a bit beginning of the amount of the middle of the month, a I below 20, I buy this amount, same amount. Now we have in 2018, still put in the same amount, but in 2018 we have acquired 3.1 Bitcoin. In 2019, we have acquired 4.6 Bitcoin in 2020, we have acquired seven Bitcoin. And that makes now accumulated. We have 7.4 Bitcoin in total. So five Bitcoin or 7.4 Bitcoin. That's the different with just a slight difference of setting the up. So it's 45% more using using the, the boosted DCA version instead of the normal ones. And now I guess you say, but

So I don't know how to do it.

Let me walk you through each step of how you do it first. What do you need? What do you really need?

No, you wanna spend a ton of money on stuff,

Zero, spend the tiers. What do you really need? You need a free trading view account. What is trading? Let me share with you. This is trading view. I just customize the colors. I use the free version. I just need three indicators. You will need one indicator for this method. And the indicator is RSI relative strength index that tells you if a, an asset is overbought or oversold. So in this method, you would pick the ACI and you set an alert or even a direct limit order and alert when the RSI is at 20. So right now, Bitcoin, EI is at 43. You wouldn't buy you or better. The system would wait until you have the RSI on or below 20, and then it would buy. So you have less frequent buy, but a better conditions so that you buy with the same amount.

You buy more Bitcoin. Now RISI you set it at below 20. You can even pick 10. Then you are buy even less and, and are even less risky. So you have even more, de-risked your investment system. Then you put it at 20, you get 45% difference over the last four years. Now you can put it on 30, then you have more frequent buy, still less risk. But probably less than 45% of a Delta to the regular DCA without using the RSI as a filter. So let's look at Bitcoin over last years and you will see that whenever we jumped in with the RSI below, that was a very good moment to buy. And I, I will not bore you going through all those moments, but this is the RSI and, and you can check it, just trading you go to Bitcoin and you can watch it for the past four years, but you would see immediately that when it's oversold, it's the most 19 point 70, for example, here, you would've bought here and then you would've enjoyed quite a rally.

What else do we have? Let's go back to March, 2020 2, 29, 23 is not good enough. We wanted to be super, super, super low here. 17 that's 30th, March of 2022. We have 14 a I 14. You buy here. That's exactly the dip you buy. I hear when woo, what you are going to enjoy from there, because the ISI even if when you do technical analysis as a pro, you use eight to nine indicators that fire at once to be completely sure. But this is for the part-time investor that just wants to, you know, spend the least amount of time watching charts, having a great life and knowing that your value is still going up and that you can Mo give it to your kids and pass something over, pass your legacy over. And they have a great life. So this is not the most accurate system obviously, but it's one that can generate wealth while you sleep in the first version and with an hour in the second version, but having 45% more. So that's not bad. And this is really what you need. Free trading view account. You, then you put, put in the indicator, RSI, relative strength index. You set either an alert whenever it hits 20, and then you go and manually buy or you set immediately the limit order. And that's it. That's all you need.

But so it never goes below 20.

Take open prices

That's not true. It goes below 20. I just showed you twice when it goes below 20 yet is not very, very frequent, but it happens. And you can check Bitcoin on trading view and see when it goes below 20. What else do you need to know to do this? I think it's fine considering that it's, it's rare. My entry criteria is to buy Bitcoin with yearly allocation at the close price of the last candle we aide below 20 in case the candle is green. You can take open price as your target. That means you will only know a day later when the next candle closed at the aerosol level that you want. Hence you need to use buy orders, but

Cyber warning, I don't know how to use buy orders.

You can Google that in three minutes, what the buy orders is. And a cell orders is it's basically you, you are telling them if this happens, then you buy that amount. Or if this happens, then you sell that amount. And even more, most traditional banks can do that. And also the digital versions can do that. For those that prefer to buy more frequently, you can put the RSI at 30, and if you want to have it more safe, you can put your RSI at 10, which be very, very infrequent, but super, super de-risked. And this is, this is a good thing to do. Now, if you say, but

Someone I'm still checking the shorts.

Yes, you are, you know, a little bit of responsibility. You still need when investing, but you can and reduced that time by, for example, being part of our premium list where I send you in real time, the, the information I did just buy this at this price. I did just sell this at this price. If you want to have a real time thing and you spend even less time on watching charts and you just use the information as it comes, that is the premium list that you can enter at So again, stands for joint venture club. So premium list where we help each other save time and generate more revenue and protect that revenues with good investing systems. So hope that helps and see you soon, everybody.

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