Crypto Gaming 10x Projects The Best Business Coach Series I Simon Severino

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Crypto Gaming 10x Projects The Best Business Coach Series I Simon Severino


Crypto gaming is different

Many of you have reached out, Hey, what's going on with Bitcoin? It's going down. And I hope I could calm your nerves by showing you that we are in wave four of five and that everything is fine. It is an expectable contraction. Jet us a bit longer than the stock to flow model would say, but single models never tell you everything we have to put together multiple models. So an additional model that I use is the Elliot waves model. And that has been around for hundred year is now, and is working well in conjunction. Still, we have to prepare for a crash. And what you see here on the screen is crypto gaming because crypto gaming has been holding strong during the week time, not just hold strong, it has been crushing it over the last weeks. And so I have six projects for you that might become candidates for your 10 X list.

And cause you know if you pick 10 possible 10 Xers right now, and you just hit three of them and seven Los, you can X in three rounds, and this is what we wanna show you in this channel, how you can create a system, not giving financial advise, helping you create a system where you can take the right decisions for you depending on your context and your situation. So this example here is ILU, it has been going really strong, but I still show it because three days ago it was in a dip, it was at a discount and we could have bought it at a really, really good price. Then immediately after it pumped again, 27% to today. And it is a much better game, much better experience and much better product than X infinity and ox. Infinity is the number one, and this is five times smaller.

So there is a potential still here. It might even have a similar to trajectory as X infinity, according to the product. Now, as you know, a good product will not make a market success. You need also people who believe in the product, but I want to share with you now, a couple things that are worth looking so that one was ILO and room is definitely worth watching. If you wanna do your due diligence, the website is E, hang out in their discords, check their Twitter. And you can even play a demo. ELU is something to watch and is definitely a great game. If, if you like games, I'm not a gamer. I'm watching this as a hedge against inflation because inflation is what we need to expect. And the fair market is what we need to expect around beginning of next year and maybe middle of next year. And that's why we here on the channel are right now watching for hedges against that inflation. And there are not many, you can save your cash in Bitcoin, but you also have to invest in something. And Bitcoin for us is a, a saving system. And then now showing you some investment system opportunities for your consideration. Now, ELU is a great thing to watch. Another great thing to watch is ultra a new era for gamers. And why should you do your due diligence on ultra?

This is what ultra is doing. Yellow. One is ultra and the orange one is the S and P. So the markets are doing the orange one. That's the S and P and the yellow one is ultra. It's even hard to have them on the same chart that this is the difference between linear growth and exponential growth. And that's why blockchain is worth watching. And that's why blockchain gaming might be the next wave. This is ultra right now. So of course it's not a buy look. It's far above it's binger brand. Absolutely overheated. When would you buy one of these project? Well, first you have done your due diligence. You have watched the papers gone through our 10 steps checklist. If you don't have it, check it from the other video, how to do your market research and your due diligence after the due diligence. If you think that the fundamentals are right, then you wait and set either a limit order or you wait and snipe.

So when you wait, you look for three things to be there at once. First it moves, it touches the, the lower Bollinger band. That's one thing, Bollinger brand downs in the, the second thing is the RSI. You want to buy it an a I below 30 and you want to sell at an RSI relative strength index of above 70. So if it's at the lower Bollinger bend and the RSI is around 30 or below, this is a moment to buy. If a third thing comes together, which is the Mac D then, and, and the Mac D turns green, and we have these three things converging. That's the moment to buy because then, you know, it's a down trend reversal, and now this is the perfect moment to buy.

The next in line

So if the fundamentals are right and these three things converge, this is when you buy. And now let's look at possible things that will go up in the next weeks and months, sandbox has been crushing. It it's the user generated gaming platform. It has great partners that are buying land on it right now. Like Atari is it's together with, with manna, the central land. These are the winners of their last three weeks, all try something to watch. You have just seeing the yellow spike up, but there is also reason to watch in terms of technology of team. There are many reasons here will do an in depth due diligence on ultra soon here. We have ILU, which is definitely worth watching when it dips ultra has still three X potential. I think even if it just pumped you will see when you do your due diligence or when you watch ours.

And then there is one very undervalued network which is called network and very undervalued project that worth watching, because it might be the one that pumps next. If things go like that, it's a token ecosystem where you can buy assets, buy land, you can buy ad space, generate NFTs. You can steak. It's a whole ecosystem of things with very small market kept right now. So there is lot of room upwards and nifty island is a very neat project that is not life yet. It will come out next, weak, I think. And I'm just researching it, but I want to share it with you because it's a really nice project. Welcome to game verse that is so much more than a game. If you're reading this, you are on the ground for, or a new type of gaming movement. We believe that

Gaming has been dominated by big studios. Now we take it in our own hands NFTY island is a game averse that is radically open to user generated content. What sandbox has been crushing and that puts or user ownership and control of the heart of its design NTY island is an open social game hub in gallery that harnesses NFTs crypto to make the meta verse a reality, really nice. I'm starting to hang out in their discord and in their Twitter and see how they execute moving forward. And they might be an interesting play to watch here. And these are current things that might be interesting since over the last weeks when Bitcoin was down, crypto gaming was up and there are the obvious winners of crypto gaming. If you think of the sandboxes and the central lens, but there are the many, many other interesting projects. And I hope with this, you have found a little more possibilities to research whatever you need over the next days. Let me know, and I'll create a video and keep rolling.

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