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Earn passive income with LUNA staking I The Best Business Coach I Simon Severino


Do not fear

Here today, very red day for the market. Very good day for us investors, because this is the time when we can buy our favorite assets, much cheaper than usual. When everybody's selling, we want to be buying let's double check. The fear in the market is high. The grid is low. This is the moment to bio your favorite assets. So we go back to our fundamental analysis. We have our six darlings of the week and I went through all of them. So what did I do today? Let me share this with you. I went through my six darling links and checking, which one is at the highest discount. So should I buy some Bitcoin at 36,000? Should I buy some Solana? Should I buy some Ethereum? And it was very clear what to buy. So I did buy Luna at 50. That was a couple hours ago.

I bought Luna at 56 and now it is at 59, still good entry point. I like to buy Luna with below 60 during these times. And I will buy more and more. Whenever it is below 60, where do I take the money from, of course from the revenue systems and how much do I take only this, or plus only the ones that I don't need for the next two months. And I don't want to have cash on my bank account. So I want my money to be working, be yes, to be doing something while I sleep while I'm on vacation. So I take it from my revenue systems. If you have revenue systems, just take the profits that you won't need for the next two months, never invest money that you will need in the next two months. Never invest with labor. Rich, never invest why everybody's buying by only when everybody's selling three ground rules and you will get long way.

Also not be selling in the red, never sell when everybody's selling, never, never sell. When prices are low, do not give into a more oceans. Let's go through the numbers and decide based on numbers, right? If you have to increase your revenue streams right now, there is a pretty cool thing that you can do. If I was you, I would go to the growth festival. It's nine master classes and plus one very practical cold book. It's my book strategies print, which really helps you. You take the blueprint, it's a checklist, how you do sales, how do you marketing, how you do hiring it's all there. And you will get nine master classes by the best people on, on how to sell on how to market on how to see around corners. These are the biggest experts in their field and how to run profitable events, et cetera.

And it's just 199 bucks. I would do this immediately nine master classes plus a book. And it's really cool near real author of hooked. And indestructible says, it's not just helping you grow your business, but even enjoy your life more. John Dumas says that this blueprint will ensure your company becomes on fire. So what's the risk reward of hundred 99 bucks. Having said that, now you have your revenue system running. What can you buy this weak? This is not financial advice. I'm just sharing with you what I do to increase my revenues and what I do with this surplus part of the revenue to keep it long term and to have it for my legacy in the next generations to have the value intact or even more. So I was buying Luna today at 56. What can you do if you own old coins, basically everything, non Bitcoin and, and it's a negative market.

Work while you sleep

You can stake, which makes your earning in a passive way now, is it really passive? No, but it's an automated, it's a repeatable way. It works while you sleep. Why it's not passive because you have worked your off to get to that money, right? But now you can make it work while you sleep. So what can you stake? I recommend taking only very, very, very solid coins. And so I have done fundamental analysis for all of this. And these are only the ones that passed my, my very, very hard and lean 10 steps to diligence. And I did it live with you so you can re-watch the videos. Anytime you will find 10 steps due diligence, 10 steps due diligence. And these are the ones who passed that test. And right now, in terms of price, Luna, Solana, or the hot one Phantom, I would love at 1.8 Luna.

I buy everything below 60 Solana. I buy basically all the time, but I'm I'm, I am biased Solana. I'm such a, such a Solana super fan that you should rely on my on my take on this. I might be overly, overly optimistic on Solana. I'm buying every week. So Luna, fantom, let's look at them and let me know if you need also the other ones. I will now show you how to state Luna. If, if you hold Luna and you wanna work with it, this is how you can state your Luna. Cause it might be a bit tricky if you are new to this. So let me show how to do it. It said the, the title is misleading. It's Luna. So you probably, when you buy Luna, for example, if you buy it on Coinbase pro and by the way, Coinbase pro is so much cheaper than Coinbase.

Both are free to use, but there are hidden costs in Coinbase. So move to Coinbase pro if, if you are using Coinbase, because there are less hidden, then the next thing is that you will probably now have wrapped Luna w Luna. So you wanna convert your double. If, if you want take it, you have to convert w Luna into Luna. And how can you do that? Oh, that's not visible. Let's move it. So you wanna convert w Luna into Luna and let's see exactly what the steps are here. We start with step one, you have to create a wallet. And now there are many ways to create a wallet, but I like to have a hardware wallet and to connect it to wallets. Cause it's the only way people cannot record what you are typing in the keyboard, never type your seat phrase into your keyboard.

Never because there can be a trillion recording that, and then they have access to your seat phrase and you are out of control. So that's the one thing you will never want to happen to you, that you will never want to enter your seat phrase anywhere on your computer. So that's why you have a hardware wallet. You enter it via the hardware wallet and the hardware wallet is not connected. So the internet is offline, but you don't, you don't use you bypass using your keyboard, which makes it more secure. If you need security tips, 22 steps, how to increase your security. I, I did an own video on that. This is so first you make a Terra bullet. For example, you go to Terra station, download the app at Temo make sure you use exactly this URL because there's a lot of scan there.

You just have to believe

People creating fake pages, just changing one word, and then it's a fake one. So, or if you have a ledger, for example, which is a hardware world, then you can download the app on edge, live, then connect Terra station via interface. And there is even a Chrome extension. An option you will have then have Terra station Andres know that you have this address. Step two, you go to E mirror finance slash mind. This will convert your there are two, two clicks. This will convert to your, your rap Lu and Luna. There are two pages. If I was, if I'm correct, there is two buttons. One says stake. You don't click that. The other one says, my page.

You want to click my page. It will ask you to connect to your wallet and then it will convert. You connect to your wallet. It will show your balance of wrapped Luna. And there should be a circle with three dots. You click that and there is an option to send to your Terra address. And you send it and then step four, there is some transaction fee on that. When you send it, you have to pay something, but then you will have now your rep Luna converted into Luna. So now you have Luna and now with your hardware wallet, you can pick a validator and stay right now. You can stick at around 7% on some days it's 9%, some days, 6%, but on average, you can do 7% right now interest. And that's pretty cool because it's not doing anything. And if you believe, if you've done your fundamental analysis, maybe even informed by our video about the fundamental analysis of Luna.

And if you believe long term that this is a good thing, then this is the most secure way. And also quite a smart way because of flying around anyways. And as long as it's lying around, you might have it work for you. So is Luna a good thing to hold for me? Yes. I think it's an easy two X and it's a probable three X in the short term. I like Luna. I like the TV. I, I like what are doing, there is a risk. There is an S E risk that they're positioned better than many others to cope with that risk. They have a plan, at least they don't know IFT work, but they have a plan. And the plan is mainly decent centralization then. Yes. So there, yes, there was a risk. So keep that factor into your calculations. And then you have to pick a validator, pick a validator with a low commission, low down time and a high volume. So somebody that has a, a, a reliable volume so that many people rely on him and then double check those validators with, with the tools available online, and then go for it. We take over, we take some time of one, two days, and then it's, it's active and you are getting interest. Hope that helps. This is one thing you can do in week markets. Let me know what you need next. Keep rolling.

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