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Higher Website Conversions THIS WEEK I The Best Business Coach I Simon Severino


The brand sprint

Sprinters welcome. I'm super pumped to share with you. One thing that literally doubled the revenue of over 1,200 of people in our program, and I'm sharing this today with you here for free, and I'm pumped to do it because we all need this. Your website right now is converting much lower than it can convert. And after these three things that I will share with you, I bet it will convert more. Maybe even this week, depending on how quickly implement this thing. So let's jump in there. We call it a brand sprint. It's one of the 274 templates and blueprints that we use in the strategy sprint, which is a 90 days improvement of your sales, marketing, and operations. It has literally helped people improve their business so far that they said sales went through the roof and I'm doing less which much more impact.

So let me share this with you. We call it the brand print. It just takes a couple hours to implement really. And the challenge for me now is in 10 minutes to share with you as much as I can. Also, you can later on download the template on strategysprints.com. But first you go right now to your website and check boom one who is the hero and mistake most people do right now. They think about their website from perspective, their friends, looking at it. Somebody that knows you looking at it, you have to think of your website from the perspective of somebody doesn't know, you sees you for the first time. First time they are on the website, who is the hero? Do you see it in the first five seconds? Who is the hero? And you will not have much more than five seconds in this day and age where with one click, I can hope to the next thing.

So in five seconds you have to get me who's the hero. And so sometimes the hero is your company. We are so great. So smart, who cares a hero? Doesn't care about another hero, right? Have the heroes on a mission to do something. And they say, okay, buddy. Yeah. Cool. That you are a hero. Bye, bye. I'm I'm onto something. I'm doing stuff, right? And so if you can help me with this stuff, you have my attention, otherwise. Bye bye. See you later. So who is the hero? I hope the hero is your client. And so first picture, does your website start the first picture being your client or not? What is the hero section about? And so tell them, Hey, I'm here for you and describe you and describe also who is not you. For example, we work with B2B businesses, it's in the hero section of our website strategies, please.com.

And so everybody who runs a B2C business knows, okay, that's not, for me. I'm not the hero. They are here to help. So think of the hero. What do they want? What do they hate? What's hindering them and describe it in the first five seconds. Next they is position yourself as the guide who can help, right? So, Hey, I'm the guide. I'm here. I'm your Yoda and I can help you. You are the hero. I can help you. This is how I help you. And this is how you can start working with me. Boom. That's your call to action button five times on every page, the same call to action button, same language. Don't change. One word. Don't create multiple call to action. One call to action button. It's always the same again. Study our site. If you wanna see the latest implementations, strategysprints.com one call to action button five times, this will improve your conversion. The next thing is, can you describe the adventure? What does the journey look like? So by journey, I mean, they start a, and they want to get to B, right? They want to get somewhere, either get rid of something less stress, less costs, less volatility, less uncertainty, or they want to reach something.

Best in technology

Percent of the people on the website, they want to get rid of something less costs, less uncertainty, less headache, and less errors, right? Less time wasted, less money wasted. And 20% of the people who are here, your website, they want to reach something either more time or more money. These are the two vitals. How can you help them get more time? Everything technology is really about time. Why do we love technology? Why do I use apps? Because they help me get more time. Save time, either avoid wasting time. For example, when I'm scheduling something, I prefer a website that does scheduling for me, or it helps me literally gain time because now that the software is scheduling for me, I have one more assistant, basically doing stuff. And I have more time to play with my kids to spend with my dearest once.

So technology is always about time. It can also be about make sure what, where you can bring them, clarify it for yourself. If you need help, get a sprint coach to clarify these and then write it on your website. Okay? You with me, that was step one. Step two in the brand sprint is writing it down in a specific format at strategy sprints. We know that you want to be a professional CEO, one that has a resilient business that works under all weather conditions and you will be proud of it. And in order to do that, you need more resilient systems around sales and around operations.

And this is what we are here to do, et cetera, et cetera. So it's a template where you can really write down the story that you are here to, to convey that you are serving to. And in a way that then you can create the flow of the website in the right way. Not just creating the story better because when you get E more people and you have the right systems, then the business generates like it did for Chanel revenue while you sleep. And that's a business. Cause if, if you have to do the work, it's a job. It's not a business. It's a series of projects. Congrats. It's cool to have a series of projects, but there is no freedom in that. You are always, always run by your projects. But if you have a business, the business runs itself all the time.

It is adapt. It is resilient. People take decisions based on collective intelligence. They are your strategy radar. You can go on holidays and you can sell the business and you can enjoy being part of it, but not everything is dependent on you. That's a huge difference in the growth phase. Everything is dependent on you in the scaling phase, you are two levels above fulfillment. You are now not the business operator. You are the business owner and we are specialized as strategy sprints in helping people do that transition. Exactly. I did it myself and I'm sharing my 274 things that I did in order to get it right. We call them the blueprints templates. It's basically my spreadsheets and my Google docs that I have used to, to solve these things myself, step three, you summarize now this story, problem, solution results. So if we just sum it up, right?

Creating that reason

The story that you are telling, who are you here to serve? Where can you bring them? What do they want to avoid? How do you help them do that? And what's the next step so that they can work with you summarize the problem. We like to have three problems and you will see it on our website.com. We like to have three problems that we address three solutions, how we address them results from some other people. Like, for example, from Chanel, you have, you have to show results cause everybody can promise something. Yeah. But show that it's real. Why, why would I trust you? Everybody's out there in the internet trying to sell me something. So show me that it's really helpful. By showing me results of people like me, having had real results and they are telling about not, you, you can tell me anything. I don't, I don't trust you. You are somebody on the internet right now. Remember it's for cold people. People who don't know you trust you have not already. They have no reason to trust you. So create that reason. And then you sum it up as a one liner. Our current one liner is when revenue in 19 days. But whatever

Your one liner is right. Make it a short sentence that it's easy to remember for you. It's easy for them to tell other people, Hey, you should, you should do this. You should call these guys why. Well they can w revenue entities. Cool. All right. I'm, I'm gonna check that. And you, if it's easy for them to tell others, they might become your marketers. And this is really what you wanna have. Now. The fourth step is more of a checklist. This is what we share with our clients like Marcella, who sprinted his agency and improved positioning in sales with those tools, that's basically a checklist on how you literally do it on your website. And there is a long screenshot. I don't know the technical name for it. I'm sure there is a technical name for having a long screenshot. There's a long screenshot of our current website. And I share it because we apply exactly these principles and you can always check them live converts really well. And and then there is basically a checklist of what, what you do when and what are the rules. Hope this helps you can download it at strategysprints.com and keep rolling. Everybody. Let me know what video you need next and keep rolling. Bye. Bye.

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