How to stake FTM for passive income I The Best Business Coach I Simon Severino

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How to stake FTM for passive income I The Best Business Coach I Simon Severino


Different kinds of Phantom

Body markets, super RA. What does it mean? It means the fear is high everybody's selling and especially the retail investors who always sell when, when the price is down. And we know this is the chance when the pros go and buy what they're selling. So I've been buying and we buying Phantom today. And today we talk about how you can stake your Phantom. If you think that the fundamentals of Phantom are strong and I've done a full video on the fundamentals of Phantom, you can watch it here on the channel or go through your checklist, how you do due diligence. I have 10 steps checklist. My due diligence. I did it on Phantom. It's super hard to pass the test of the 10 steps. Phantom did is now one of our top 10 and I've bought it and I've staked it today.

And I want to share with you how, how it works and different versions, more safe version, more risky versions, and then version, there are two risky. Now there are some fakes out there that I want you to want to warn you of about. And there is a no goal which is leverage. You should never use leverage. If you are listening to this. That's it's, it's not in our philosophy. We don't accept that on this channel because you have to first manage your risk and then make sure that you have high rewards. Risk is in your control. Rewards is not in your control. That's in the market control. You are not the market. You are the investor, and so you can only manage risks. That's why we check risks first and then reward. And we prioritize risk protection over rewards optimization.

Now having said that, many of you says, Simon, I love yours taking videos. I wanna buy more in stake, more I just need more money. So I created the growth festival, which is very affordable way for you to increase the revenues of your business or to start your business the right way. And I've brought together the nine most expert people on how to increase your revenue systems. And I'm very happy that 175 of you have entered just this week, the growth festival, and I'm getting your, your feedbacks and your letters. I'm seeing you in the community. And it's really cool to see you there. And the letters that I'm getting is, wow, Simon, I'm now inspired by this master classes. I'm networking a lot in the private Facebook group with hundreds of others and it's fun. And these are really cool people and yes, they are cool people. Cause I only work with people that I like. You know, I'm, I I'm, I'm retired from operations. I can, I can pick

Who I work with. And when I invite nine people, I invite only nine people that I like to see. And so, yeah, if you like this channel, you might like them. You would get for 199 bucks, which is super risk reward. I think super ratio, you would get nine master classes. Plus a book. The master classes are how to sell, how to market, how to run profitable events, how to see around corners, all the things that we have to solve as entrepreneurs. And the one practical book is the book that I wrote with people like Jon DOMA, say it it's, it's a blueprint for how your company becomes on fire. Neal says it's will help you grow your business, but also enjoy your life more. And that's really what, what it's all about, right? Why did you start your business? Because you wanna enjoy more freedom, more, more meaning.


The start of staking

And then ne reality is the order of hooked and the order of indestructible. Two of the coolest books ever. And he knows some stuff about books and he says that it's it's really worth buying and implementing. So this is the book. It took me 18 years to write it and the one year to type it and then half a year of a team of editors and my publisher called page long, them were amazing. They refined it until it was really enjoyable. Cause you know, my English is, eh, so I'm just a practitioner. I'm just somebody who is really good at the business of business at coaching entrepreneurs on how to increase revenue systems and how to keep their wealth, the investment systems. That's the only thing that I'm really good about at. And so I had a team helping me for this book to be really enjoyable and entertaining and nice to read.

So this is the book you might also just grab directly the book, wherever you buy the books, it's called strategy sprints. Now having said that we have taken care that you have more revenues, let's go to staking. You can stay some of our top 10 that we recommend. You can stay Lana, you can stay at Luna, you can stay Phantom. You can stay curve avalanche, Ethereum chain link of those, maybe the riskiest one is curve because I'm not sure it's, it's, it's the one that has really to show more strength right now, but everybody else looks, looks good. And so I hold them, I stake them now, how can you stay? Futo there are many ways to do it. And three of them I recommend and they have a lower interest rate. Of course. Let me, let me share with you three of them.

I recommend, and you can make an interest while you sleep of four and a half percent, 13% or 10% on them. And then there are ways where you can do 160%. And these are the ones that I do not recommend because if, if an interest rate is so high there, the risk is also high. So there is the risk that these people, the they need adoption to happen because there is no other reason result to enter. Then a high interest rate that would make a bad case for their fundamentals, because if something's good, you don't need to, to attract people with high interest rates, they will come for it and not for the interest rates. So first red flag, second red flag there it's full of rock pools. It's full of projects. For example, soul fire last week turned out to be a Rockpool.

People have lost a law of assets because they were farming. And how do you call it? The pooling, their, their assets on salt fire and the team of salt fire just went away with the money and shut everything down. So this is also happening in, in this nest and space. So be very, very careful. That's why I do not recommend using those well first I do not recommend using leverage anyways, and then especially right now, cause it's still too early, too UN regulated, too easy for people to, to scam you. So don't do it. There are great opportunities at spirits wall, liquid driver, Beethoven, et cetera. But as I said, the risk is too high. I do not recommend it. What I do recommend is that you check out this three versions so you can Phantom via the Phantom foundation.


Getting ready to win

And if you do not commit to any time, so if you want to have it liquid that you can, you can take it out any time. Then you can do 4.5% interest on it, which I think it is not that if you commit to six months, eight months, then you can even have higher interest rate. The highest one is 13%. If you state it for a full year now, well that limits your options. And as a strategy expert, we want always you to have high number of you want to always take decisions that increase the number of options that you have increase your range of action. That's one, one of strategy, take decisions in a way that they increase your range of action, because you don't know what's coming as a strategist. You always have scenarios base case scenario, bull scenario and bear scenario.

And then you make yourself ready to win in all three situations. That's, that's how you do strategy. Now that's traditional strategy by the way. And now the question here is, do you want to commit to 12 months or eight months or six months? Then you can go for 13%. If you want to have it liquid, to have it available any time, then you are at 5.4 0.5% interest, right? But it's not bad for something that it's just laying around anyways. And it's, it's doing those 4.5%. Why you speak? And then there is another option, but it was too complicated for me. I have to say, I didn't use it. That's your finance where you can have 10%, but you have to spend half an hour. And I am somebody who doesn't want to waste too much time finding out stuff. So I did research it very deep if you need it let me know and I will do it for you, but your finance can make you 10%. So you have now a ton of options, how you can get your fun, more working. And let me know if you need also a video on how to stay Solana or, or Luna or a curve or avalanche or a hearing or chain link. Happy to do that. And keep rolling everybody.

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