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Is BTC the first global money? | Simon Severino | Strategy Sprints


The first global currency

Most incredible, incredible news today. I'm super excited after all this bad news to bring you some amazing, amazing news. I am so excited and so happy. And this hasn't been for weeks because there is something really, really positive going on in our portfolio. And I want to share this with you as quickly as possible. So you might have heard the news about Luna Luna was in our top six four months now, right? You remember December, we were buying a ton of Luna in January. We were buying a ton of Luna. It wasn't our checklist on what to do in weak markets by Luna, but it was at risk. It was a high bet, an amazing thing because what is Luna doing? It's it's creating the, the new monetary system. It's creating the first global currency that is actually a possible use case for the world.

And they are going much, much deeper than every other stable coin. Cause as stable coins just PE themselves to a field currency. The team around Luna Luna is really thinking deeper. And goes with a moment. If we are to issue a stable coin, why PA it to something that is depreciating? Why don't we PA it to Bitcoin and boom, this is exactly what's happening right now. 1 billion billion dollars of Bitcoin vote by the Terrana foundation packed four years up front. And this is one of the reasons that the price went up 70% this week alone. So couple days ago in the live session I shared with you that Luna was my 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 biggest position. Well, it's now my fourth biggest position because it exploded 70% and also it's so easy to stake. So I didn't sell it in. I didn't swing trade a lot at now. It's huge in my portfolio. And I guess in many of your portfolios, also, since we have been talking about good in January in February and basically all the time. So the, the really exciting thing that I want to share with you is the 1 billion that's coming in. They have both one with Bitcoin. We, I will show you the right now. I will show you the whales who is buying. What does this really mean? What's the ecosystem and what are possible prices moving forward? Now, the

Reason why I'm so excited is because it's not just an improvement. So two weeks ago, the liquidity problem that regard part with U T was a possible show stopper. We were 99% at risk two weeks ago. Then last week, the liquidity problem got solved yesterday. We were alive on the show and you guys were asking me, Andreas specifically, thank you, Andreas were asking what exactly made Luna pump so much this week? And so I went deeper into it, looked into the whole ecosystem, and these are the numbers that I found. And there are couple elements coming together at the same time right now. And this is what makes Luna both now. So which created the pump this week, which makes it right now, very oversold. So done by Luna this week. This is financial advice. You it's, it's over it's it's over, over boat. Sorry. Over boat. Of course it's too expensive now. It's it touches the upper Ballinger bend. Let's go, let's go to the chart. So if, if you have no Luna and you, and you are thinking to enter be careful, this is not the moment to enter after a power. So short term Luna. Oh, that's Bitcoin. Let's go to Luna.

So at first glance, look at all the red today. Everything's red, what's green Luna. That's what I want to talk to you about because Luna is really decoupled from Bitcoin right now. It's decoupled from the Nestec right now. Bitcoin is also decoupled from Nestec, but just four days long, three months, it was in lockstep, one to one in lockstep dancing, the same, the same dance as the NAEC, which we don't want. Right? We want assets that are decoupled from each other, cause that's the risks, your portfolio. And so this is the first digital asset that is dancing its own dance. And there are reasons to bet on it long, long term. So I will change today, my price prediction and my exit price, because the fundamentals have changed. And so if you remember, when you have an exit price, you don't touch it because you feel excited like right now I'm excited.

Go for stable

And I would say, no, no, no, I don't sell that's, that's something we are not allowed to do in our system, but we are, we have the responsibility to change the plan and change the exit price when the fundamentals change. And in this case, the fundamentals have changed. Cause last week we had a liquidity problem this week, we have the, the best on the planet and maybe in history. So, well, first it's an historical moment that the world might have a digital asset for the first time. If you remember why this width, which is a messaging system for banks was created is because there was no digital way to do it. And now we have the digital possibilities, Bitcoin first mover, best idea. But as you know, except El Salvador, nobody wants to pay in Bitcoin cause you don't wanna pay in something that is volatile.

Doesn't make sense. You wanna pay in something that's stable, right? And that's why we pick the Fiat Curr only problem with them. Yes, they're stable, but they're depreciating. So can we build something that is stable and not depreciating boom stable coins came into the world of all these stable coins. There is one right now, Luna, that stands up right? First of all, this is what happened last week. So it's right. And obviously don't buy at this point, cause look where we are. Yes. Up trend, but you are catching the end of the up trend, right? A I, 56 is too high to buy, wait for the, a side to go around 30 wait for M a C D confirmation. And ideally you have the Boger band touching the down downside part of the Boer band. This thing will, will come back down at some point.

So if the price today is 90, you might catch it or in the, in the eighties again. So be patient layer in every time it, it touches the lower Bollinger band. And, and you, if, if, if you think that Luna is a long term asset, you wanna hold in your portfolio. In my case, it is, it is. And I have been doing this now over November, December and January building up my position. And right now I'm very bullish and happy about it. Let me, let me show you the reason and, and the thinking behind it, why it's a long term possibility, which it wasn't two weeks ago. It was just for me, just a momentum play. I, I went in it 50. I wanted to sell at 98. It and I was prepared to sell at 98, even if I didn't like it.

And I shared with you, I don't wanna sell, but I have to sell because of the system. Right. And now the fundamentals have changed. Boom, boom, boom, boom one. This is thank you, Pedro. Edda for sharing this on Twitter to raise 1 billion in Forex reserve, the Luna foundation sold 19 million Luna, average price, 51. The Luna has a four year vesting period sold to 24 whales. And this is his his list of the whales and who's holding it. I really recommend you. You follow him and you look at those datas and you, you do your due diligence. If you are as interested long term, Intel Luna, as I am, you will see exactly the vesting schedule, the whales, where the money is flowing. Who's buying. What, what the risks are. The second thing that I wanna share with you is from Delphi.

Comparing the three

Digital, thank you, team Delphi. You are, you, you make the best slides because they are so easy to see. Even with the contrast. So who are the fastest to recover from last week's Inferno where everything was read low avalanche and eat. Now Lu, avalanche and eat are our top four, but there is a slight difference between them. Let me show you the one difference. Well, this chart let's, let's finish the chart. There is Bitcoin orange. You see down there, upper, upper middle field. We have Ethereum dark blow it's number three, we have Luna, which was down there and then V and then we have avalanche the red line. So right now, fastest recovery, fastest rebounders, Luna, avalanche eat, and all other layer ones, underperform compared to Bitcoin. And compared to those. Now, if we compare those three, there is something happening. I, I was pretty, pretty, pretty impressed when Luna became the number three in term of staking market cap.

So number amount of staked capital, okay. It was number three and I was really impressed. And now what happened yesterday? Impressed miss me even more because it just, when from being number three, it passed Ethereum. And it's now the second largest asset staked in terms of market capital, 30 billion worth of the token are staked for yields that are just under 7%. You know, this means there are yields out there. Like I had my curves take that 49%. So there are manipulative yields that, Hey, come in, come in, come in. I have a high yield. And that's, I wouldn't say a Ponzi scheme, but that's of course there is something going on with the inflationary, deflationary scenario there. That means that they need it. They need, that means that they are creating high incentives to enter. And what will they do later when they have to go down with the incentives?

Because now they are in the game. Now they have to compete. They have to get cheaper. They have to, they have to get down with the incentives and then they cannot afford to compete. So this is where the strategy advisor comes in and says, Hmm, if you raise the incentives to enter too much, and people are in there because it's cheap or because high yield later, when you come compete with the big dogs, now you enter to the market. Now you compete with the others. You cannot afford the competition. So you have to go down with the yields. You go down with the yields, but for the user, the main incentive was the high yield. You lose the users and that's where you, you break the business model. Cause the business model is three. How you create value, how you collect value, that's your earning.

And the third one is how you preserve value, dependability modes, network effects, deflationary tos. Now you break part two. If you have two high of an API or two I of yields or interest rates, and you get people in by saying, hi, come in, come in high interest rates in phase two, you cannot monetize. You have no profits because you still have those high yields. And so you are losing money and you will not be around for a long time. Competitive problem. Okay. I, I would love to tell you a ton about it, but just read the article. It's really good. It will tell you exactly. What's going on here and what's the potential for short term midterm and long term holding of this thing. Then if you don't know what Luna is here is where you should study it. There is a very, very nice video.

Stake without hesitation

I like it. Please watch it. It's on And it explains also quite well, what Terra is, it's, it's the money for the world. The first one, which is global programmable trustless, decentralized, you own it. Nobody else owns it. No middleman needed. And that's incredible, right? And so you can spend, you can save, you can stake without any middle means, which means it's much, much cheaper. They have a credit card going on, which just costs you 1%. Instead of 3%, they have anchor and mirror going on, where you can save. You can, you can swap. It's incredible. The ecosystem of Luna, I've talked many times here about the ecosystem is amazing and it's just beginning. It's also the fastest growing ecosystem. You can learn about Terra and Luna here on their website directly. You can become a validator. You can build on it, you can join the community.

And it's, it's really, really cool. The it's an open source, stable coin. It's controlled by you, the owners. And it's amazing. Okay. That's where you can find more information. And where I say you start your due diligence. Also I showed you where on Twitter, you can deepen down the rabbit because there are very good channels like Pedro HEDA, who really do the war of doing due diligence, digging up the numbers, finding the ways, double checking the news, et cetera. Cause don't ever trust the news. Don't ever trust one YouTuber. I include myself here. Never trust Simon. You have to do your own due diligence, double check the numbers before you invest in anything. Okay. I'll check the numbers. And when you've checked in three times with three different sources, then get in, okay. Due diligence is really important if you are in investing.

And what else did I want to share with you? I wanted to share with you that yeah. Price, but before we go to the price, oh yeah. Congrats Chanel Congress Chanel in our community. We have this amazing, amazing wins right now. So Chanel did a, a sprint. This is from our Instagram strategy sprints where why is it so small? How can I make it bigger? So look at this Chanel Greco, the CEO of Saari the strategy sprint has helped generate the revenue while I'm sleeping, reach out to the awesome strategies, sprint Steve, while she's sleep, she's doing money and that's not even, you know, her investment system. It's just her business that is now less dependent from her. And that creates revenue streams. This is exactly why we run strategy sprints and why we run this community because we are here to help each other.

In, in, under all weather conditions to have very, very resilient and re viable revenue streams and all the revenue to keep it. We are talking about investment systems and which assets and how to create your port volume and rebalance your portfolio so that whatever comes in from your revenue systems, you really keep it. And also for coming generations. Now let's go to the price. Let's go to the price action, which is incredible. This is, this is the month performance of te this is the seven days and that's the day, but I'm not so much interested in the short term. The 1 billion coming in to be used as a fixed reserve as a global reserve. That's exactly what we want from global money. Being, being stable, being packed, being owned by the users being UN corruptible. Cause there are no middleman. You own it, you use it, you decide and you go burn it. If you own it, you are part of the governance decisions and of the votings. So this is absolutely exciting and I will cover more about Luna and Tara and the ecosystem over the next days. But I wanted to quickly share this with you. This is, this is quite remarkable and I hope you're having a great day. Let me know what you need just in the comments. And I'm happy to dive deeper. Keep rolling everybody.

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