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New 2022 Portfolio Strategy I The Best Business Coach I Simon Severino


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Excited to congratulate. So many of you who are now up 22% since last week, because we nailed some bottoms in our buy list and, and cell list. And if you're not in our premium list and you did not get the info, but you would like the info. Our premium list is strategy And JVC stands for the joint venture club where we help each other grow our businesses. And we do this by improving each other's revenue systems and investment systems. We coach each other. We have, have the best expert globally once a month with us. And every second week we coach each other and 24 7, we have a slack group together where we improve each other's revenue systems. I'm in there. I coach you personally, the sprints team is there. So it's a pretty cool community. And this community last week crushed it up 22% because they went into our buying list.

And so last week was a great shopping week. And yeah, we nailed some entry points. Very well. Congrats, everybody. I'm getting your messages and I'm super proud still. Let's not become too proud and too complacent because this year we need a much tighter strategy. And so in our premium list, you know, it already for everybody who is not in the JVC, let me share with you, what is the energy 2022? So we are continuing to have our top 10 crypto and top 10 stocks, but we will be much more quick in selling tops. We will not always nail the top, but we don't need two. It's okay. If we just hit it 30 to 35% of their time, if we nail it and that's kind of realistic, we're getting better and better every year here together. And so we're getting better at analyzing.

We are getting better at understanding where things are going, our thesis get at more precise and validated over time. And we are also quicker in, in validating the wrong pieces and moving pivoting and moving from there. So let's look at the markets and let's look at the shopping list, which I'm gonna share now one week later also with the public. So nestag is recovering general. It recovering so far up, and that was one, one of our lists. We know we went in at 10 last week are now at 11, 8, 9, congrats, everybody, definitely an

Undervalued stock right there with a lot of growth potential still on the speculative side, right? We have the speculative growth stocks, but we also added some more defensive energy stocks and defensive place that we wanna have now with this gear, which is much more in a segment rotation than last year where we just had everything tech going up. So we have had that EA and is doing really well. It's more of a defensive play, our biggest. So our top three of this year are the same top three as last year. It's Google Tesla, Amazon and Google has of course validated or all our hypothesis. Tesla is swinging exactly as we, as we saw it between 850 and 1,200. Now we will swing between 850 and 1,400 moving forwards. And this is exactly the change to last year. Last year, we would just buy Tesla and only sell health. When it doubles this year, we'll be much more active. We will swing trade in and out of Tesla in at around 800 5800 7890 out at 1,200, 1,300, 1,400. And then in again at 800 7800 9900, we will do more of this wing trade thing, which we didn't do last year. But this year we need to do it because it's much harder of a year. It's a more choppy year.

Big things happening

Amazon's doing really, really well. Congrats to all of you who hold it over the full last year. I've been accumulating Amazon over the last three years and it wasn't moving at all. We will see movement this year. To me, Amazon is a three, a 5,000 stock that was hovering around 3000 solar own. So it's time for Hamilton, Amazon. And it, it will happen between now and the next three years. So then Shopify, we have added Shopify to our list because it it's just came into our buying zone and I'm happy that we have it cause it's also a hedge against Amazon. So if you believe in the Amazon thesis, you have to believe in the Shopify thesis and having a second bat Solana congrats to all of you. We layered in, in the seventies, in the eighties, in the nineties, we, and to me, Solana became one of the old stock.

So last year, so was one of the swing plates this year. To me, Solana is one of the whole stocks. Why since last week, Solana is now on Celsius, which means you remember some parts of our portfolio are things that you hold forever, real estate Bitcoin. If you are into gold, gold is the same thing. I'm not, but there are many reasons to be in gold. It's holding its value. It's not increasing its value. So it's below inflation. That's why I don't like it. I like to have things that keep the purchasing power, but having said that the hard assets to hold are still real estate Bitcoin gold. If you are into that and then that's it. But this year I personally add to my list. I add Solana because now that Solan is on sales use, you can use it as a collateral.

You can borrow against it and use it as a collateral. So you don't have to sell it. It's like real estate. You don't have to sell it. You can use it as a collateral. So you keep the hard assets and you sell the weak assets, use wind trade in and out of the weak assets, but you always hold the strong assets. If you hold a, a house in, in a good city, in a good part of the city that is appreciating in time, why would you ever set it? You can work with it. You keep it. You let it work for you for the next 500 years. You give it to your kids. That's how you build wealth over time. So congrat Solana on entering our hold portfolio. And yes, if some of you are thinking about gold, I think I'm not into it because I, I want only things to do three X ideally.

And in the keep category, they have to do at least at least 15%. Both for me is not in the 15% category. So I'm up, but there are many reasons if some of you want to have 1% or even 2% of their portfolios and gold, there are many reasons to do so. It's a bit complicated cause you have to find out physical code or not and where and how to access it. So I'm out, but there are many gold experts out there that you can ask. Then we have Luna. I'd love to buy more Luna in the low fifties and in the high forties, if it gets back there, but I've loaded up Luna a lot and there is a high risk. So we have to watch Luna. I will sell half of my Luna when it doubles. That's around 78 for me.

So as soon as it hits 78, I will send 50% and keep the others. I believe in Luna, it's been growing fast, but it's also very risky because the S sec is, is charging. And now the team ha knows that and has a plan, but still, still there is a high risk there. Phantom is different. Phantom is for me, a lower risk Phantom might be the next Solana. So I can see in three years Phantom be the, the, the strongest competitor to Lana eating market shares of Sanna. Like this year, Sanna was eating the market shares of the it's a long bet, but that's my bet V have been buying more. Apple's doing really well. It's not on my list on my personal portfolio, but it's a very good I would say cash repository, if you want it do not expect high growth, but it be keep its value.

Great limited supply

So that might be actually a gold play. If I had a gold play, that would be it. Then I've also entered more banking and energy because there is this rotation. So I, I went into those Burbank and I went into UBS and then I converted all this Burbank into UBS because of geopolitical risk. I prefer my risk to be in Switzerland than in Russia right now for geopolitical obvious reasons than avalanche doing really, really well. I'm long avalanche. And I think avalanche is one of real ones that will be around in three years in, even if it's not exciting and it's not hyped, and there is not a huge sentiment around it, but yeah, I'm long avalanche and I a delegate not delegated validated or something like that. It, which just means that I've committed to hold it long. And I, so I provide liquidity to the, to the network, if is recovering magic might be something that you want to add to your list.

It's not a my list, but I think it's one of the strongest might, might even be in my top 10. It's not right now, but it's kind of number 11 on the, on the crypto list. Then we have a ton of energy place. The strongest this week has been like most weeks Canadian, natural resources. These guys are crushing it. Then a friend of mine told me about MoVI, which is a great limited supply. So, and they are in Northern Europe and they do organic salmon production. And there is just much more demand than there is supply, which is for me the same play as Bitcoin or as gold is just has to go up at some point. So why not? And then I'm still holding engine, but I have a big question mark around it. So my two metaverse please engine and render. I've quite a question mark on them. I would not suggest you go in there on

The other side, our galaxy digital has been doing really, really well. We went in, so it's now at 1351 and most of you went in at 12. When I shared this last week, you went in at 12 and now we are at, where is it? And now we are at 1351, congrats, everybody, galaxy digital. And then we have curve, which might might a exit my top 10 list this year. It's one of the candidates together also with chain link. And yeah, the rest is really in the making square PayPal, recovering Coinbase, recovering. If you don't hold them, that might be a speculative play, clean spark, cut CRISPR our under water for me, but I hold them until they get back. And then if you want very defensive positions, you might go into indexes like the utility index, the industrial index or the metal index or the energy index.

If you want more defensive place, people looking at gold are looking at digital gold in this example, but there are also many others. And what I'm always watching is the volatility and the dollar strength. Cause this is what tells you the macro situation. We talking too much. We are already at 30 minutes. So if you wanna life info on what I'm buying, what I'm selling and not hear it one week later, like people were not members of our premium list joined the JVC strategy, sprints com slash JVC. This is where we help each other grow growing our revenue systems, coaching each other on improving our revenue systems, having multiple passive income streams, repeatable, reliable income streams. Plus what do we do with those profits? We also coach each other on improving our investment systems. And so you can enter strategies, any time and get to work even closer with me and with our team. Hope that helps keep rolling everybody.

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