NFT Fashion How will fashion look like in 2030 The Best Business Coach I Simon Severino

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NFT Fashion How will fashion look like in 2030 The Best Business Coach I Simon Severino


Doing the same things in the new medium

We explore a futuristic topic. How will fashion look like 10 years from now? How will it look like in the metaverse? How will NFTs and fashion play together and which opportunities can we start exploring right now? So that you are the first one to tap into that opportunity. We are researching these really nests and field. And today we will explore three things. One is brands that just take the old world, make it an Ft and put it on open sea. So basically they're just doing the old stuff in, in the new medium, we will explore a brand who are moving it really forward into the future. And then we will explore how even the creation of fashion might be speeded up from 36 day to 27 hours. If the metaverse technology really kicks in and there are some samples that we can go through right now. So what you're seeing here on the side is some examples of fashion that is moving really the needle towards that. The opposite of this is people who just brands, fashion brands, who just take a picture of their model with the fashion item. They put it on open sea, which is an NFT platform. And then yeah, just sell it for that. Of course, nothing happens. You might find people who buy it, but what's, what's the worth of it. And what's the meaning of it.

The next step is what we're seeing here. This company is called Fabricant and they are trying to go digital fashion. So what if we could do fashion born digital, this is the next step. Let's say it's the second gear that we will explore today. And here you see, this is concept of fashion. That's born digital. You use it for your avatars. You talk about your avatars and what they have friend of mine tells me that at school, his daughter, who is absolutely not interested in in shopping clothes for herself, but she's talking with her friends all the time about what her avatar wears. So there seems to be a behavior out there moving the same status, place that in the nineties, where in the outside world are moving now into the avatar world, the matter world. So always digital, never physical might be the one direction where digital fashion moves to.

And let's take it one step even further. What if we change the way we produce the fashion, but in between, if you say, yeah, well, Simon, yeah, you, you find all these opportunities, but what if I don't have any it to invest? Well, then we need to work on your revenue systems like we did with this people and with these people and with these people. But how can you work on your revenue system? There is something that you can afford. And it's the growth festival in nine master classes, by the world's expert of the nine hardest things, how to sell, how to lead, how to adapt, how to run profitable events, how to market the hardest questions that we all have. Nine people are here bringing their masterclass to you in the next 36 days. It's just 29 bucks later. It will be 99 bucks, still a bargain for nine master classes and one book.


And the book, the strategy sprints book is even something that people describe as the blueprint that will ensure your company becomes on fire. Or like ne Al says, order of the amazing books hooked and intractable, he says the Strato sprints method will grow, not just your business, but also will help you enjoy your life more. How does that sound for 29 bucks? So this was the the short ad. If you wanna increase your revenue streams, but then what do you do with all that revenue you might wanna invest in the future? And let's explore how the future looks like lead times reduction from 37 days to 27 hours. You got my attention. Who is this? Here? We talking about CLO three D somebody who says, all right, we have this technology. There is the blockchain. There is the metaverse. What if your time from idea to material, to working the material to it, becoming fashion can be reduced to 27, a hours with the new technology that we have available. [email protected] to me, this is how the future looks like. So they say, all right, traditionally, you need 37 days to go from materials to design, to sample, to review, to market. Hmm. And they say, you can reduce it to 27 hours from 36 days to 37 hours because we can.

So if you wanna study this, you can go to CLO It's aesthetically pleasing. It's really well done. It's a super interesting project that says we bring fashion to life. And this might be one of the direction to study. If you want to explore how the metaverse might look like in this specific industry of fashion, if you are fashion experts, let me know what you are looking at. And where do you see the metaverse play out in the fashion field and as always keep her rolling everybody.

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