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Outsource Your Book, Alinka Rutkowska and Simon Severino LIVE | STRATEGY SPRINTS 195


In this episode, Simon welcomes Alinka Rutkowska, the CEO of leaders Press. LEADERS PRESS (www.leaderspress.com) is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling press, which creates books for entrepreneurs from scratch and launches them to best-seller with a 100% success rate. She is also the official member of Forbes Business Council, whose mission is to bring together proven leaders from every industry, creating a curated, social capital-driven network that helps every member grow professionally and make an even greater impact on the business world. Let’s Listen to Alinka’s sharing on how to outsource your book.


3 Valuable Insights:

  • Make sure the book idea has potential of winning and becoming a best seller
  • Make sure the book fits in and stands out with the unique selling proposition
  • Put together their wisdom in into a book and share with the world in order to immortalize themselves


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(00:00) -Simon: Three, two, one, roll the footage.

(00:14) -Simon: Welcome back everybody to the strategy Sprint's podcast. I'm your host Simon Severino. And our guest today is the CEO of leaders press a USA today and wall street journal bestselling press, where she created books for entrepreneurs from scratch and launches them to bestseller with a 100% success rate. She is also an official member of the Forbes business council and her cutting edge book creation process has been featured in entrepreneur magazine. Welcome everybody Alinka, Rutkowska.

(00:48) -Alinka Rutkowska: Thank you so much, Simon. So excited to be here.

(00:51) -Simon: Super pumped to have you here because your outsourcing formula is a winning formula. And nowadays who doesn't wants to be the authority in their field and to have a book out there and you have the process to do that. So super pumped. What are you currently creating right now?

(01:13) -Alinka Rutkowska: Or doing more of what we've been doing because it's working. So we're scaling leaders press and getting more and more entrepreneurs on board that we can help turn a book ideas into bestsellers and get them into bookstores.

(01:28) -Simon: Super cool. So tell us, uh, an entrepreneur wants to write a book, but they don't have the time or the skills to do it. They come to you what happens?

(01:41) -Alinka Rutkowska: Right, so the first thing you want to do is make sure that their book idea has potential of winning and becoming a best seller. So we want to make sure that there's already an audience for what they're writing for what they want to write. And then we want to make sure that they have a unique selling proposition and gives the reader a reason to choose their book, as opposed to all the other books on the bookshelf. So that's the first thing we do. Why don't we have that? We put together the outline, why don't we have the outline? We go through a series of interviews to get all the information for the book from, you know, out of the entrepreneurs had. And then,

(02:21) -Simon: And how much audience is an audience? Is it 100 people on a list thousand people?

(02:30) -Alinka Rutkowska: Which type of audience?

(02:32) -Simon: So you, you, you check that they have an audience. What is an audience? How many are an audience?

(02:39) -Alinka Rutkowska: Yeah so as an audience I mean that, there's a category on Amazon, um, that already exists for this book. So if it's a book on leadership, then there's a category on leadership. If it's a book on finance, there's a category of finance. So we want to see that there, there are already books in that category and that they were because sometimes some authors say that their idea is so revolutionary. There is no, no other book like that. There is no other, there was no category for it. And that actually, uh, you know, should have your alarm bells go off because what does that mean? It means that probably nobody's interested in that type of genre. Yes. There are some revolutionary ideas, like, you know, Steve jobs, uh, product, you know, they were not, um, looking at the market. You know, he is Steve jobs used to say that, um, you know, people don't know what they want, so he'll come up with a product first. But with books, you know, with books, you, you really want there to be a category and audience. So that's what I mean. And it's, you know, it's, uh, there are millions and millions of books on Amazon. So there should be hundreds of thousands in your overall category.

(04:01) -Simon: So first you check, uh, will it sell? And then if it's a, yes, they start the interview process. How, how does that,

(04:09) -Alinka Rutkowska: Right. So it's usually about 12 interviews, 12 to 15 for a regular full-size book. We usually do them once a week. So it's about three months of interviews and then we have all the content to write the book.

(04:30) -Simon: Wow, that’s efficient. Beautiful. And how, how much does this process cost?

(04:36) -Alinka Rutkowska: Hmm, well, I just walked you through half of it because once we have the, uh, book ghost written, then we edit it, format it, put together a great cover, launch it, you can launch it to Amazon bestseller or USA today, bestseller, we get it into bookstores and our pricing, um, is very wide. So we start at a five K for a short book. That's meant to be a lead gen book and that we can accomplish based on one interview. And we go all the way to 100 K for a solo book that is produced from scratch and launched to USA today. Bestseller.

(05:21) -Simon: Wow. Yeah, that's quite a range. So people will find, we'll find their, their riot options in there. What's um, what are some examples of people that you particularly helped, uh, recently?

(05:36) -Alinka Rutkowska: Yeah. So this is a book we did for the co-founder of DHL international. It's entitled, designed to win. This was for DHL's 50th anniversary, uh, by Paul Chang, the co-founder of DHL international. This is a larger book. So like, um, it's about 50% larger than our regular books, but there's, you know, a lot to tell about DHL. So I found this book fascinating. Um, this is more of a legacy piece. We do two types of books, legacy pieces, like this one and lead gen books. So I'll give you an example of a lead gen book in a second, but this legacy piece it's just phenomenal. And, you know, for me as an entrepreneur to, you know, put together this story, get paid, get paid, to do it and learn, you know, this, this amazing story of, um,

(06:36) -Alinka Rutkowska: Uh, when he was first starting to get DHL, um, up and running in Hong Kong, he went to a CEO's office to, you know, uh, start working with them, sign the paperwork when he got the agreement that he goes to the assistant to, you know, get the delivery papers done. And the assistant says, well, but you don't have to be the one doing this. You can just send your delivery person. And, uh, Mr. John says, well, that's me too. I'm the CEO and the delivery person. So that's just phenomenal. And now it's a billion dollar company with hundreds of thousands of employees. And 50 years ago, you know, the CEO was the delivery person. So that really inspires, you know, the solopreneur or the small business owner. That's why I love this story so much.

(07:24) -Simon: Beautiful. What are the three books that shaped you most?

(07:31) -Alinka Rutkowska: Well, the one that shaped me when I was still young and I'm pretty sure I'm not the first one saying this, but it's true is thinking grow rich. So that title, you know, almost fell off the shelf into my hands in a bookstore and I immediately resonated with the title, you know, I can think. Right. And so it was extremely fascinating to me to read that. I don't think I got everything that was in that book when I first read it as a teenager, but it really, um, allowed me to believe that I can achieve whatever I believe I can achieve. So that was one of the things, um, another book that shaped me and that's recent, that that's something that I read last year and implemented was traction. Do you know, Wickman's traction, you know, for every entrepreneur to implement, uh, what's in, it will really allow you to have a, um, a grip on your business. So that's an amazing, amazing book. Amazing content really needs to be, um, every growing businesses, um, bible almost.

(08:45) -Alinka Rutkowska: And then, you know, we did books. So I thought I mentioned a book of mine. It's not a book of mine. It's, it's this book that just told you about designed to win. You know, there was one of the first books that we did and, and it gave me, it inspired me, you know, it inspired me that, you know, from a couple people from one person, there were three partners. Like you can become this amazing enterprise in just 50 years. So, uh, you know, it's just phenomenal how, how these things work and what were the decisions that had to be made, um, in order to get there. Okay. So this is a, this is a book that we've produced. I'll give you a fourth book that is impacting me right now, and that's, um, the road less stupid, uh, by it's kind of cutting them, right.

(09:45) -Alinka Rutkowska: The real less stupid. And what he says is that you should dedicate thinking time, um, in your business. So really think through things. And, uh, the gist of it is that success, the most successful people do the smallest number of stupid things. So, you know, that's pretty much it, and it's pretty basic, but, you know, he really goes, he really elaborates, um, on what you should be doing, what you shouldn't be doing, how you should be, you know, going after a measurable results rather than going after fame and things that don't add to the bottom line of your business. So it's, it's really fascinating. And, uh, thinking time, you know, it's really important in business. So that's another book that is, uh, that I find I'm finding very valuable right now.

(10:42) -Simon: Beautiful. I want to know so much more about your business after one word from our sponsors.

(10:50) -Speaker 3: Hey, if you love what you are hearing, you will love our free masterclasses. Go grab them at strategysprints.com.

(11:00) -Simon: So the interview can be one hour for his moly gen book can be 12 hours in 12 weeks for a big legacy book. And, um, so, and there is so much more than that comes all the editing and you do also all the editing. And what about the after the book is printed, is, is your job done? What about the promotion?

(11:27) -Alinka Rutkowska: We take care of the promotion that's included and all of our books, we launched their Amazon bestseller for our standard packages or USA today bestseller for the VIP package. But we also came up with a solution to give, um, people who don't necessarily have a 100 K budget to also become a USA today, bestselling author. And we do it by putting together these anthologies where we, um, get about 30 offers to go author them. And that's at a fraction of the price. Then we launched the anthology and every author included is a USA today bestselling offer. So this is our way of getting each of the authors that we work with, even if they don't go for the VIP package to become a USA today, bestselling author.

(12:21) -Simon: Wow. You found a way. And, um, so tell us book promotion, because it's, it's such a complicated field, what, and the, and you have found a way to do it the right way. What is your way of promoting?

(12:37) -Alinka Rutkowska: Right. Well, it starts with that very first conversation that we have about making sure that the book fits in and stands out. So the unique selling proposition, that's what it starts with. That's why it's so important. And then, um, coming to the other foundational pieces, like making sure that it's positioned and packaged correctly. So things like a great cover, a great title, the keywords, a great description. Um, then come in reviews at a total overview is we have a vast network of, um, entrepreneurs, CEOs who like to write editorial reviews for our books at a turtle reviews or the reviews that you get before the book comes out. So we send review copies and get some, you know, prominent names, um, endorsing the book. Um, then when we launch, uh, we have, uh, reviewers that review the book. Um, we have, um, tens of thousands of subscribers to our list or wedding for us to let them know that we have books out. So they buy, we work with promotional partners who are also male, so there's a lot going on and all that, um, allows us to, uh, get our authors bestseller status.

(13:55) -Simon: Cool. What, what was one of the most exciting things that you have seen in your job recently?

(14:03) -Alinka Rutkowska: Well, just today, we're launching a new book, um, by Magnus banker called play bold. And this book has, uh, been the forward, has been written by Phillip Coppler, Philip Coppler is the, you know, uh, the professor, the father of marketing, who came up with the concept of the marketing mix. So, you know, product plays, pricing, promotion, that's his concept. That's what one of my books is based on. I studied, uh, from his books at university. So, you know, to get one of our books forwarded by him is, you know, a big deal where we're excited about that and that same book. Uh, we got the preface written by, uh, ink magazines editor in chief. So, you know, these are exciting things, uh, exciting for the author, exciting for the publisher, exciting for the readers, because readers also like to buy books that have been validated in more than one way.

(15:04) -Simon: Absolutely. And what's next? Where, so when you look forward, what, what are you, are you moving forward with your business?

(15:15) -Alinka Rutkowska: I see us, um, as being focused, we are focused. We know where we're going. So we want to do more of what we're doing, help more entrepreneurs get their books done, whether it's short books, whether it's USA today, bestselling status or long books, legacy pieces, lead generators. Uh, we feel like we found our sweet spot where we can, um, really bring a lot of value to entrepreneurs. And, uh, we want to scale that.

(15:50) -Simon: What did you recently change your mind about?

(15:54) -Alinka Rutkowska: What did I recently change my mind about? This question I found really difficult, um, because I tend to make up my mind and stick to it. So I have thought about it. Uh, but it's hard, hard for me to give you a, an answer. I guess I just make up my mind and, and that's it, this is difficult for me to change. And I probably rationalize, you know, once I've made a decision, this is the right decision and maybe that's why my life is easier.

(16:34) -Simon: Um, who should be? Who would be the perfect client for you? Who should call you after this episode?

(16:48) -Alinka Rutkowska: I'm an entrepreneur who is looking to, uh, grow their business for a lead generation book or an entrepreneur, uh, looking to, um, put together their wisdom in, uh, into a book and shared with the world in order to immortalize themselves.

(17:08) -Simon: Immortalized, spiritual. Where can people read more about leaders, press, where's the best place to find you in the business?

(17:19) -Alinka Rutkowska: The best place his go to is to go to leaderspress.com. There, you can see everything that we're doing, and you can wait a few seconds for the annoying pop up to appear and put in your email and name, and you're going to get a free PDF and all the, a book of our lead generator, our lead generation book called outsource your book. So that's a pretty good way to get a really good idea of how we can help entrepreneurs grow their business,

(17:53) -Simon: Who should be my next guest.

(17:56) -Alinka Rutkowska: I would like to nominate a Magnus banker, who is the author of play bald. Uh, the book I mentioned, that's been forwarded by Phillip Koffler. Um, the idea is about, um, looking at your S curve and jumping in. So, you know, there was callback and there was Fujifilm Kodak now is dead and Fujifilm is prospering and that's because Fujifilm knew how to, uh, jump their S curve. So that's a really fascinating topic, fascinating for entrepreneurs, uh, in order to, uh, be ahead of the competition and weather the storm. And, um, basically I don't want to say postpone your business's death, but to have your business live as long as possible.

(18:49) -Simon: Yeah. It's a slight difference. And, and how, how did you, did you make it to create such a network that, that is eager to write reviews?

(19:01) -Alinka Rutkowska: Hmm. One reviewer at a time, uh, you know, we would reach out to people who've reviewed books, similar to ours. Uh, we have mailing lists where we also invite people to review books. So it's really one at a time organically. So it took a while.

(19:20) -Simon: So, and then what's in it for them that they get the book,

(19:24) -Alinka Rutkowska: They get the book. That's the only thing you can do on Amazon. You cannot incentivize reviews anymore. You used to be able a long time ago, not anymore. So the only thing you can give them is a book. And, um, they like to review, there are people who like to review, there's a whole review or culture and Amazon even, um, rewards reviewers by giving them badges of, you know, the vine voice or the top 1000 reviewer, things like that. So they like reading, they like reviewing, they liked the, um, recognition that Amazon gives them as well.

(20:03) -Simon: Uh, you have tapped into a tribe. Beautiful. And you have the chance to pick one person when everybody's zigging and this person is zagging and you nominate them for the strategy awards.

(20:16) -Alinka Rutkowska: Hmm. You know, um, it's probably not going to be a first, but I think the founders of clubhouse are onto something. Um, you know, when all the social media platforms are focused on visual, uh, interaction and, you know, these, um, really short interaction, something you consume in a couple of seconds, they focused on audio. That's how that has been completely neglected and on, you know, in depth interactions. So, you know, they meet your definition of no zigging when everybody else is zagging.

(20:57) -Simon: Definitely. Yeah. And what's your first experience with, with clubhouse so far?

(21:03) -Alinka Rutkowska: I'm still experimenting. Um, I feel like I found a way to potentially use it for my business, but also you, uh, you need to be very careful, um, because your time is your most precious resource. And so you need to make sure that you don't burn your working hours, uh, on clubhouse. But I think it's also great on a psychological level. Um, it just, people are down. In many cases, they can't have interactions. They would like to have this, allows them to go in and have these interactions. So I'm sure it's doing a lot of good. And, you know, I look at everything from a business perspective, but on a personal level, I think there are a lot of people who will find answers, um, you know, or find a way to fill their time and not even fill the time, but to have the personal interactions that they can't have when they can't get out of their house. So good timing. Good idea. And, uh, you know, there are definitely on the leading edge here.

(22:10) -Simon: Super cool. Thank you Alinka for being on the show, sharing your knowledge, your wisdom with us. Everybody go to Alinka, make your book being it lead gen book for your business or a legacy book for the next generations, leaderpress.com and Alinka come back soon.

(22:30) -Alinka Rutkowska: Thank you so much for having me



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