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Profitable Relationships with Dov Gordon - Simon Severino | STRATEGY SPRINTS 142

Uncategorized Nov 03, 2020

My guest for today is Dov Gordon, is an international keynote speaker, the CEO of, where he helps consultants get ideal clients by becoming an under the radar leader in their industry. He is focused on helping ordinary people become extraordinary consultants.



Show Notes


(2:53) -  Alchemy network

(4:23) - Become an "Under-the-Radar" leader in your industry

(5:16) - Combination of curation and conversation

(7:39) - How to find my ideal clients in your network

(9:25) - Form a network comprised of colleagues

(11:27) - Cross-promote each other

(21:20) - Criteria in promoting in a group

(30:40) - Emotional bank account

(34:15) - Clarity with what you want

(34:40) - Importance of participation in a paid group

(36:59) - When you bring good people together, good things happen

(38:23) - Local and Global relationships


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