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Credit is coming

Sprinters. I'm quite excited because today I here with you, two things that it took me 42 years to get, and you will get them 10 minutes. I'll call back. So these things, oh, oh, oh, I hear the credit coming,

But slow on. If it takes 10 minutes, it cannot work. Or Really, how long does it takes for, for you to love your children when you hug them? How long does it take for you to be happy? Mm.

Have children, How long does it take you to be happy? When you, you have your cat, your dog, your, your loved one. All right. So there is a direct way. And also the rest I would say is, is not true. The direct way is always true. What's the default way of being, Hey, it's limitless possibility, limitless energy right now. That's actually. Yeah. And go

What Simon, what kinda hip stuff are you talking today? Hip pissed after is good for you. And I just shared it with you because it's good for me. And I've been testing and validating and validating these things really E every week for the last years, I want to share it as you know, so let's go into it. Are you ready? In a couple minutes? You can get one and one to scale your business. How does that sound? All right. Are you ready to go Direct path? One is about being happy, finding fulfillment peace right now. Ready? Not having a bad when you are bad sales and having a great month when you have great sales and being dependent on all of these things, but just yourself from that. Because there are two things that we as CEOs need to once our inner world, the other one, the external board. So the first one is about the inner world. And it's what I'm reading right now. Supreme awake.

Experienced freedom

Oh my God is horrible. I totally agree. I did also let the title first, but then France and now I'm And the way he becomes the victim of pleasure and pain is by the words years, for example, you will hear the words our business has, even though he has, when they hear that group, he will be the victim of grief. And when on occasion, he hears that his business is doing well. He will be the victim of pleasure. In both cases, he is played by the word of illusion. He becomes the victim of grief, the victim of pleasure, the victim sex for the victim of employment. These are the good and bad things he face in, or they Deni. But one who is player, he will never be sad. Let me repeat this. But the one who later, he will never be sad. All these things would be employed by him. He's aware of his anger. He will never, he was freedom right there. He might start with that.

I do read one or two pages of this, and then I go for a wall running in and let that sync me, let that work mean. And that's what, it's my first tip for the, the direct path to your default mode. What's your default mode, happy, fulfilled, peaceful call leap. And you are that all the time. You just need to remember yourself. Some people, just, some people just remember by awakening without doing anything. And some people like me and maybe you, they, so this might a little help right there. Okay. Now, number two. But before we go there I want to stay with you. The story of Chanel us, that her generator she's and put that. So she said to reach out to the team and I agree and who doesn't want that? They, so, and that's also a good segue to my second business.

Know where they are

External. How do a business, I have you for you? There was nothing. Now there is strategy prints. Do I waves to accelerate growth For all business? And because I am biased because I'm the author. Let me just give you a taster page. 114. That's the chapter about feedback is the of champions. Feedback is a two way trick. The more you give it, the more you get return and you need to get that cause keep giving it to make this happen. To start by giving your company you trust care, which allow you to know how not my reluctant to ask for.

However, even if everyone answers your service, 100% of your response. That's good thing to you. Remember that with the not, and to help your clients win more. You need to know where they are not winning right now. All right, forget, happy clients go for successful plans. This is how you build a company that you build around clients' needs and successful clients. Cause they will become your ABUS and spread the sprints. You can buy it, buy that's it folks. This was the two things for your direct path to grow. And now start with one page of each and keep rolling everybody.

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