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Solana de-risk investment strategies I The Best Business Coach I Simon Severino


Everything is strong

Welcome back sprinters. Today, we talk passive income, how to stake your best coins and especially how to stake Solana for long term profits. Even in bear markets. If you're new to this channel, this channel is about revenue systems, saving systems and investment systems. We help you create revenues, perpetually work that you can rely on and that generate profits. So that part of these profits, you can then invest because then they work whenever you sleep, whenever you are on holiday, they still keep giving and compounding. And this is how you create a healthy and resilient overall revenue, new investment systems. So today we talk Lana, and today we talk how you can stake Lana for passive income. Let's jump into that. I got something from James at invest answers, which is really, really cool. He basically write down what if we stake Solana at around 6.09% starting now?

It's January. So in February we would have, if we put in, let's say we put in 300 solans at current price, and then the price slowly evolves forward. As expected with Solana. The ecosystem is strong. Everything is strong. So if we put in just 300 pieces, that's $45,000 in into Solana, and we have an interest rate of 6.9% and we have the price also moving slowly upwards. Then, as you can see here in February, 2023, now you would have an increase of 227% and that's in one year. And in February, 2024, you would have an grease of 524%, which is pretty cool for a passive investment, right? So you don't have to do anything with it except buying Solana right now, which is pretty cheap. It might be even cheaper. In two, three days, we might have the bottom of Solana. This is I will, I will show you the technical analysis when, when entry point would be in Solana, if you need more, and if you stake it at 6.9%, then I will share with you also how I stake it.

If you stake it at 6.09%, which is easy to do I get slightly more than that with, with my, with my way, but it's, it's similar. And your 45,000 become 281,000 into years. And that is even conservative because James similar to me is very conservative. He doesn't like to moon things. He has people listening to him, so he, he tries to stay on the conservative side of estimations. So I quite trust these numbers and let's see how you can do it. So first, if you don't know, Solana, Solana is you can, you can study It's much faster, much cheaper, much more secure than Ethereum. It it's a layer, one smart com contract that has a great community and a very active developer group. So what I always look at is how is the ecosystem? Do people like it does it work?

And so everything works on Solana. The team is great. It's a sprint team, a hundred percent. They don't spend time in creating specifications. They go directly into coding and learn from there. That's what I love about them. And they are very, very technical. It's really hard to become a S salon validator really, really hard. It takes months. The and that's why adoption is, is tough. Sometimes right now we have one of these months where it's, it's, they're not getting that many validator per week because it's really, really hard. And the people have tried and, and couldn't become a validator, but still the ecosystem is vibrant. They have the right investors, they have the support of sandbank man free from FDX. They are on the right track. And I think if you stake some coins, I think the only two safe coins to stake are Solana.

Solana is coming up

Ethereum. you cannot stake Bitcoin, obviously because it's not a, a proof of steak asset. It's a proof of work asset. So the only two safe assets really are so Ethereum. And then there are many on the risky side of things, but I don't recommend going into risk. I do also some risky things, but when, whenever you go there, you have to accept that it might go to zero. So I stay also avalanche take curve and I take a couple more so we can talk about also the others, but today it's all about Solana because really if you get this right, what else do you need? Solana is coming up with the mobile version of their wallet right now, as we speak might be live to day tomorrow. And it's the Phantom wallet I've tested it. It's amazing. It's perfect.

It's the best wallet I've ever, ever used. And if you try the meta mask wallet and the Phantom wallet, as a comparison, you will see different planets, planets. You will see why I call them is printing because it's amazing how they build things. They it's really practical. It took me three clicks to take my salon. And so this is now the practical side of things. If you buy it when to buy, how to buy and then how to steak. So let's go to, when should you buy? Well, first of all, is it, should you, should you buy in the first place? So if you wanna research Solana even more, there is the, the, the website you can dive to their community on this court, into their community on GitHub. See how many open commits there are, how many developers, how active the developers are, how many developers check the number of validators versus other layer ones.

So check the number of validators versus have a lunch versus all the other layer ones, and then check also the news about them right now. There is, and, and they are very weak, but still bullish news everywhere. There are ETFs filed in right now, for example, this one incorporation with Kati wood, but there are also other people who are trying to have and exchange traded product that they can come out for people to make it even easier to expose themselves to Solan. So there is the talk about ETFs watch, where developers are going. I recommend you study the, the research from electric capital. They have visualized where developers are flocking to. So basically developers are voting with their feet and they know that technicalities led the nitty gritty and, and they're moving to, to some chains and not to some other chains.

If, and if you read that whole report 160 pages, and I did it, you will see that Suran is one of the top three chains that developers are voting to go to. When I say voting, they, they just go there and develop there, but they can choose. So basically they're voting with their feet, right? Because you can build on different chains. And if you decide to go on one chain, they will have some reasons and they know better than I that's why I, I look at these things. So that's the Phantom wallet. Now, when would be a good moment to buy Solan? I actually, so for example, today, I wouldn't buy because as you can see, we have an a I 38. I would like to see this a I at 30. And that might be in three days, it might be in two days.

And then the next thing is you might even get it at the lowest voer band hundred. What is it? Hundred 2,626 might be a possible in a couple days because it's in a down trend. It's the red trend is the directional bias. So it's biased towards going down for the next couple days. I would watch this. If you don't use technical indicators, these are the directional bias, the voer band and the RSI and relative strength index. So you just look at this and in two to three days, there will be the moment or you subscribe to this channel. And I will tell you live when I go in, because I will go in. As soon as the aide touches 30, the Bollinger bend is around this lower Bollinger bend 126. And the red trend indicator turns green, which will happen soon. And as soon as it turns green, the Azis 30 and the Voller bend is touched at around 126.

The trading view

This is the best time to buy. You can use even many more indicators. I, I use four more, but this is roughly right now for long term investors. We are not talking trading here. We are talking, buying this and keeping it at least two years so that your 45 K become 280 K or the respective number that you have gross by 520%. That's what we want you to share here with you. So this is when I would buy Solana, right? This is trading view. It's the free version of trading view. You wanna, if you wanna use that and what else this is when you get in and when you've bought it, then what to do. I personally hold Solana in my core assets. These are the assets that I want to hold long term. So I have them in a cold wallet.

I use multiple cold wallets, but one of the cold wallets that works with so LA is for example, ledger, you can buy a ledger, have a cold wallet so that your seat trace will never touch the internet and will never touch your keyboard. This is really important because if you ever input, never input your seat, trace on a keyboard. If you input it in a keyboard a, some malware can spy that and replicate that, and they have access to your assets. So you need a solution that so that you will never use the keyboard to enter your seed phrase. You are custodial. Now you are the custodian, it's a non-custodial solution. So you are the bank. You have to make sure so that you have security like a bank. So you need a seat free solution that is never connected to the internet.

It's always offline and will never be inputted on your keyboard, right? This is important and you can do that with a, with a cold wallet because you enter your pin code and you see trace on the cold wallet. And that is not hackable. So having said that with ledger, you then go into your Solana, enter Phantom wallet, which is by Solana and in the Phantom wallet, you just receive your coins or you buy them wherever you buy them, Coinbase pro, or wherever you buy them. And then you send them over. You create an own Phantom ledger part of your wallet. You send it there and then you click on Solana and you click staking, and then you can stake. How can you find sorry. Yeah, you, you need a validator. You need to pick a validator, go for a validator that has huge volumes.

We're talking above 10 aliens and is a low commission rate. My validator has a commission rate of a commission of 7%. That's fine. Everything below 10% is fine. And so commission is what they get paid for staking your salon. And so your so salon will not be on the cold wallet. It will never be there only your password, your seed phrase, and your pin code are on your code wallet. Your assets are always on the blockchain directly and are the safest. They can be hope that helps. This is how you can stake Solana and make 280,000 of it. If you are so inclined, hope that helps. Let me know what else you need and keep rolling everybody.

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