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The Strategy Sprints Mastermind Group

mastermind sprints strategy Jan 23, 2020

Strategy Sprint Mastermind Group

Networking – Coaching – Learning on Global Level

You know the feeling of attending a conference? 

When you conclude it was a good meeting, you are referring to the breaks – the networking with other smart people, meeting peers, getting new ideas and new perspectives. While sharing your own ideas, you were restructuring and developing them further than if you would have on your own.

You already know the value of networking, reflecting, meeting and learning with peers. But you also know how hard it is to be disciplined enough to meet regularly. 

How often were you disappointed because the wrong audience was there, or you were discussing different things?

For a higher level of value and impact, you need to combine various things:

  • Networking in a trusted and well-managed group of peers and experts

  • Moderation, Input, Learning and Coaching

  • Virtual collaboration and communication tools

  • Global level and diversity

Or you join the Strategy Sprint Mastermind which delivers all of these.

Networking in a trusted and well-managed group of peers and experts

A Mastermind group is addressing the need for acting in a trusted environment. Due to the selection of your peers and the commitment of regular meetings, it brings the value of networking up to a constant and stable level. 

You could :

  • think about new dimensions and perspectives of your business 

  • network and reflect with your peers 

  • influence the subjects to be discussed

  • even share more confidential topics or brainstorm early ideas in a trusted and controlled environment

It’s nothing new and you may already be in one, like an incubator or a shared office. 

It depends on the experience of the hosts of the group. They need to be open-minded and interested in you while maintaining distance from your business. Mastermind groups live off the exchange within the group of peers, while also being enriched through skills and input from outside the group.

The Strategy Sprint Mastermind is hosted by 2 experienced founders and coaches, who have access to the Strategy Sprint network of experts and will bring them to the table. 

Moderation, Input, Learning and Coaching

Why should there be moderation at a Mastermind group? Couldn't you just network like in the conference break? Through moderation you are guided to discuss beyond the obvious and a good moderator challenges the discussion in the right moment to the right level. We call the moderator in the Strategy Sprints Mastermind “Host” – he cares not only about the group; he cares about you and your business. Also, the moderator brings new perspectives to the table and ensures staying within a group selected pool of themes. The Strategy Sprints Mastermind Hosts are there to continually add experts and themes so the turnover is constant and you don’t get stuck in a “comfort zone”.

Sometimes you need to go into the details, or you need tools and examples. Strategy Sprints has developed a rich box of management tools, podcasts, video clips and learning sessions which you have free access to. 

Even in a trusted environment of a moderated Mastermind group with hosts and peers, there might be things you want to reflect and think through on your own. Coaching provides an environment for personal reflection and development of you and your business. In case you want to swap into a personal and individual coaching mode, you could easily do by capitalizing on the knowledge and experience of your hosts, although included are a limited number of individual coaching sessions, at a preferred level. 

Virtual collaboration and communication tools

Now you want to put the effort of networking and the commitment of a Mastermind group on top of everything else? Be realistic. Now, the good news is that there are ways of smart working and networking through collaboration and communication tools. The regular meetings are virtual and within a limited timeframe. They will not take you out of business for a day or even longer. They avoid travelling (and a CO2 footprint…) and in case you still have to skip one, you could follow the summary afterwards.

The Strategy Sprints Mastermind provides an ongoing communication and networking environment. The  Strategy Sprints Mastermind leverages chat channels with your peers and hosts for immediate interact within the network.

Global level and diversity

Running a business means you know about the importance of global views, perspectives and trends. The Strategy Sprints Mastermind provides you with access to a diverse global community, increasing your experience level and growing your own network even further. Even if your business is local, you want to know about international trends and want to learn about innovation and ideas in other regions. And once you want to grow your business, possibly even on an international level, you will want to benefit from the international experiences and insights of the Strategy Sprints Mastermind.

The virtual format as well as the international experience and network of the hosts allows the Strategy Sprints Mastermind to provide you with a global and diverse environment.

You are looking to grow yourself and your business?

You want to network in a trusted and well-managed group of peers and experts?

You want to benefit from moderation, getting input, learning and coaching?

You want to leverage this through virtual collaboration and communication tools?

You want to network on a global level with a diverse community of peers?

Join the Strategy Sprints Mastermind. Your hosts are thrilled to have you on board!


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