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Time Rich with Steve Glaveski - Simon Severino | Strategy Sprints 151

Steve Glaveski is CEO and co-founder of Collective Campus, a corporate innovation and start-up accelerator based in Melbourne, Australia. Author of Time Rich: Best Work, Live Your Best Life, a guide to achieving twice as much in half the time, and living your best life. He also founded Lemonade Stand, a children’s entrepreneurship program and now, SaaS platform, that has been delivered to kids across Australia and Singapore. His work has been featured in Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, the Australian Financial Review, Tech in Asia and a lot more.



See the transcript below:


(03:16) - Steve’s new book- Time Rich: Best Work, Live Your Best Life.

(05:45) - How is it possible to do less and get more done

(07:27) - Time vs Money. Doing away with wasted time

(08:55) - Steve tells about writing down the book

(11:35) - Book promotion during a pandemic

(13:01) - How can people be time rich?

(14:37) - A day in the life of Steve Glaveski

(18:49) - Steve’s next career move: No Filter Media

(19:53) - Steve shares how he can do all these things in 6 hours daily

(20:46) - Steve’s Podcast journey

(22:22) - Networking time during a pandemic

(24:08) - Lemonade Stand: To teach children entrepreneurial thinking

(26:26) - How Steve manages his team during these times

(29:00) - Free gift from Steve: Automation Tools

(30:06) - Steve’s recommendation for the next Strategy Sprint show


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