Why LUNA might be the right asset to hold in Q1 The Best Business Coach I Simon Severino

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Why LUNA might be the right asset to hold in Q1 The Best Business Coach I Simon Severino


Luna on a moonwalk

Hey, sprinters excited to share with you one of our top 10, the most recent one that is pumping hard and it's getting less risky and more interesting. And, and so I am now ready to share it also with you because it's not that risky anymore. The risk reward is so interesting. It's in our top 10 now, definitely for 2022. And let's dive deep. We will go into fundamentals into current numbers and enterprise prediction in between. We will also help you raise your revenue if you are out of dry powder. So let's go into the current situation. This is trading view, and we see here Terra Luna on on, on a moonwalk, right? So it's doing really, really well. And why is it? What can you expect moving forward? And is it too late to enter or is it still fine? It's at 81 today when we added some more te to our demo portfolio, it was at 60 and that is not even 30 hours a go.

So it's pretty wild. And let's go down the fundamentals to see if it's just quick pump or something to really watch out for look at Amazon today, Google Tesla square, everybody down, couple percentage points and Luna is pumping. just pumped from 60 to 83. The green one is Luna. So Luna one to U S D, which is Terra is a decentralized stable coin. And let's look below the surface. We will do as always check what's going on right now. The TL is growing. Thank you, Delhi digital for putting these things always together in such a visual appealing way. This is from Del digital on Twitter that that's tracking the TBL and the massive, massive total value locked in here right now, the last hours. But also I want to go with you deep the fundamentals. So let's go to the fundamentals of this coin that I've been preparing today for you. So does it solve the real problem?


Planning about network effects

Let's see. Right. Does it solve a real problem? I would say yes. Cause the problem is most stable coins. Well, let's go back one second. What is the, the problem per se? The problem is we need a payment system that is not losing purchasing power every week. That's the main problem. And now who solves that different stable coins, most stable coins are centralized. So they are, they really better than affiliate system. Hmm. We need one that is the central and we will go to the paper. Maybe we jump into the paper right now. Here's the white paper. Temo 2019 stability and adoption or while many see the benefits of a price stable cryptocurrency that combines the best of both fi and Bitcoin, not many have a plan. We have a plan it's about network effects. We know how to increase adoption. And we propose this as the best combination of the best of both world price, stable growth, driven, a decentralized payment system.

And if that succeeds that would have some significant impact on the planet, this is the white paper, and this is the idea, creating something that is decentral permission less and lets people pay, use land borrow, and not lose its value. Right? So that's the main idea. Now let's go into the fundamental analysis. As you know, our checklist is always 10 things. Does it really solve a problem? Yes. Cause it's a huge problem. Not to have a payment system that is really decentralized permission less working and not depreciating. So we needed the world needs it now can they build it? Let's see, is it decentralized right now? It's not decentralized. It's not, but it could easily do. And actually the SCC has been suing them. There's been, they have been suing back and said, well, first we are not in us regulatory territory. So you, you cannot really stop us second.

If somebody would try to stop us, we would stop being a centralized entity and just let the software. Right. And you cannot stop a software, which is interesting conversation. And so it's not the central yet, but it's built for the centralization and it's going there. Network effects. Yes. Currently 130 validators. It's, it's not as much as, as other have, but they're going towards set. And the responsibility of the validators is really to run nodes, to update the system to pool and to actively participate. So there are many security layers in there. Competition risk. Well, it's the 12

Biggest right now and it just has passed the TL of dye as you saw before. And the market cap is growing exponentially, not linear in 2020, one's the third largest TL. Now after Ethereum and finance inflation risk. No it's deflationary. It's built in a way that when there is not enough it's minted and when it's too much, the excess supply gets gradually burned, eliminated. So that max supply stays always the same. So it's deflationary buying nature. The asset class is a decentralized stable coin, which would make it red here if it was in the us. And if it was centralized, I did it green because yeah, it's not in the us and it's not centralized. So could be yellow. I was thinking yellow or green in the context of the other stable points. This is the most promising velocity. Incredible, incredible.

Addition to our top 10

I think only Solana has got so much capital in the last months and years. So we have Panera capital in there. One of the most smartest and most successful crypto hedge funds. Then we have galaxy digital. It got 33 million in a fund in 2018, it got another 150 million. They have so much funds. They have so much money that they could continue for the rest of the century without any, any income stream. So the team is fine. It's a computer scientist and an entrepreneur and you saw the white paper good stuff. The community is amazing. The community just got 93 million in their treasury. So it's the largest treasury of any protocol out there in the community is alive and, and, and, and pumping. And now we go to the price. So we added it to our top 10 when it was at 60 and we were quite late to the party because it was still very risky. And now we entered at 60, 30 hours later. We are at 80. It is deflationary by nature. I easily see 170 at the end of the next bull, can it be a thousand dollars? I don't think so. Not at least 2025, cause it's a stable coin. A stable coin is not built for volatility, but it's an algorithm, stable coin, which

Is more volatile than the other stable coins. But without being too technical, I vote with my feet. I vote Luna. It's one of the top 10, of course it's in the risky buckets, right? So be before we enter the bear market, you want to have more and this is not financial advice. This is sharing what I will be rotating in. So before we enter the bear market, probably somewhere around summer, next year I will rotate my profits into Bitcoin, Ethereum in Solana, but where do the profits come from? Yeah. From some fast horses is Telo one of the candidates for your portfolio. Is it one of your fast horses? Maybe now you have at least more information and more numbers and even a fundamental analysis to base your decision on hope that helps let me know you need next. And also if you are out of dry powder, let's get your dry powder back up in a couple days.

How many days is it in 32 days, the growth festival is here. This is where you can increase your revenue streams. There are the nine master classes and the one book that will help you learn how to sell, how to lead, how to adapt, how to run profitable events, how to market, how to scale, the hardest things that we all need to learn for a bar 29 bucks to get those nine master classes, lifetime access to remaster classes and one book, which is to called by John. Domas the blueprint to ensure your company is on fire. It's called by Neal a book that is not only for growing your business, but also to enjoy your life more. This is the book. It took me 17 years to really write this book. And it's soon out there for you. It's now on pre-order on Amazon, but if you want 99 classes sorry, nine master classes on top of it. This is where you can go. Hope that helps. Keep rolling everybody.

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