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Growth Booster
via 1:1 Sales Coaching



We identify the fastest growth levers in your current sales funnel and craft a tailored game plan for your business growth. Your action plan for the next 90 days will show you exactly where to start and how to boost your sales quickly.



You will gain massive clarity on:

  1. How to identify the #1 bottleneck holding your growth back.

  2. The key growth levers to pull within your sales flow.

  3. How to better understand what your customers really need.

  4. What a full sales system looks like and where to start (Predictable sales).

  5. Define the right sales KPIs that give your team every week clarity and motivation.

  6. How to run effective Sales Team Meetings.

  7. How to improve your Sales Script.

Growth Booster:
1:1 Sales Coaching

  • Clarity on your current #1 bottleneck.

  • 3 ideas on how to accelerate your growth

  • A tangible roadmap to double your sales conversions

We will craft a detailed report on your specific business metrics. Start the survey process here to get a full report.

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What our clients say

Listen to other sprinters' direct feedback and how our customers feel about the Strategy Sprint.
If a picture is worth a 1000 words, what is a video worth? 

“The Strategy Sprint is the Netflix of Courses. If you run a business, I definitely recommend that you work with Strategy Sprints!”

Salvatore Caristo

Shipbuilding Industry

“The Sprint gave us direction, focus and pace! It helped a lot our business verticals to steer in the desired direction. It provides focus for our business activities every quarter.”

Gerald Aschbacher

Head of Strategy, Greentube

“The Strategy Sprint really matched it’s name. We got our game up really fast!”

Andreas Fraunberger

Ceo Junge Römer

“I did the 90 Day Strategy Sprints. I want to give you an advice. Implement the assignments your Sprint Coach gives you every week. It will turbo-boost your growth, believe me!”

Michael Toms

"CEO Asset Up"

“We did a lot of Sprints, and the business results were great. We look forward to many more Sprints with you. Keep Sprinting guys!”

Florian Herkner

Business Development Manager, Symrise AG

“I worked with Strategy Sprints to define the Strategy of a whole business segment of a Blue Chip Medical Company. We moved forward in a fast and efficient way. I recommend the Strategy Sprints to anybody who values precise and quick help and solutions!”

Stefan Helm

Managing Director, HelmCare

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“I recommend the Strategy Sprint to anyone who wants to focus unlock new businesses via premium, high-class consulting and training”

Harald Weissbart

Deutsche Bahn Leadership Academy

“In the 90 Day Strategy Sprint we created the right marketing and sales systems for our business. Our revenue went up by 50% from month one to month three”

Gerald Doblhammer

Founder Stay On Track

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