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Jan 18th 2019 | Hotel Retter | 09:00


Every athlete has an external support system enabling to maintain high performance and focus. Entrepreneurs, Managers and Consultants have master mind groups. Especially in challenging times, it really helps to have regular support from people you trust and admire. 


This mastermind group is designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Every mastermind session is limited to 12 participants. We call it Manufaktur (latin: „built with your own hands”) since it´s about sharpening your tools with likeminded business „builders”.


Two times a year the manufaktur meets in the magnificent hotel retter to create solutions for the most pressing business problems at hand. We like to balance intense problem solving sessions with creative co-creation sessions, networking and enjoying nature in form of walks, runs, biking and the outdoor infinity pool.

*) Price of 370 EUR (excl. VAT) includes the MANUFAKTUR seminar only. The overall attending costs (accommodations, infrastructure, meals) are charged by hotel retter directly to the participants. Please book your room at Hotel Retter seperately if you want to stay overnight.