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Submit your CEO Tip to the Strategy Show.

Want to share your own CEO Tip?

Here you’ll find all of the submission requirements, and some things you can do to increase the odds of having your tip featured. If you haven’t already, please listen to a few of the tips first to get a feel for the format and structure.
The most important thing we’re looking for is a super valuable tip. Our audience is made up primarily of CEOs of service-based companies, Venture Capitalists and Private Equity Firms. Your tip should be specific, focused on a single idea, and actionable. Ideally, this is something a CEO would listen to and immediately feel compelled to share your tip with her entire team and ask that they do it today.
You can significantly improve the odds of having your tip featured on the show by helping to expose the Strategy Show to more CEOs, and by adding even more value to listeners/readers.
For example, if you’ve written a book we’d love to feature your tip on the day that your book launches (yes, we’re happy to feature existing books as well). Providing two or more copies of your book to engaged listeners gets our attention every time. Hang on to your books though. We will send you the winner’s contact details a few weeks after your tip is released, and you can send your book to them directly. We also like featuring exclusive discounts and special offers that listeners/readers can’t get anywhere else.
Here are some other ways to get our attention (please let us know which of these you’re willing to commit to along with your submission):


Pre-Submission Suggestions:
  • Write a review of the podcast
  • Actively engage in the comments associated with other tips on this site
    Include a link to the Strategy Show on your blog or website
  • Share the Daily CEO Tips (be sure to copy or tag @simonseverino or @strategysprints when you do so we see it)
  • Get creative. Help us help more CEOs

To submit please email [email protected]:
  • A 5-10 minute video recording. We’ll handle the intro and your call to action, it’s part of the format of the show. Just give us the good stuff in your recording, and we’ll take it from there.
  • Any specifics that should be mentioned in your intro? These should be short highlights, not an extensive bio.
  • Your favourite headshot.
  • Up to 5 relevant links (your website, relevant social profiles, books, podcast, etc.)
  • Call to action: the one thing you want to invite people to do. i.e. Preferred release date(s),
    # of books to give away or another special offer (not required).
  • Your attention-getting promotion plan so we’re sure to feature your tip!


Keep Rolling!