Boost Your Energy and Sales with the Peak State Mantra

It's one of those weeks when I'm not at my best. No sales motivation, no desire to make calls, and a high-stakes meeting that feels like a low-energy disaster waiting to happen. But you know what? You're not alone! We all have those days, and I'm here to help you turn things around.

When you're not at your peak state – low on energy and confidence – your sales might suffer, and your business growth takes a hit. That's where the Peak State Mantra comes into play, and it takes just a few seconds to supercharge your vibe.

💫 What is the Peak State Mantra? 💫

It's a powerful tool that can instantly shift your mindset. Use it in between Zoom calls or while grabbing a glass of water in your kitchen. Picture yourself as the kind of person others want to invest in – vibrant, solid, and full of high energy.

🚀 The Peak State Mantra: 🚀

  1. "All the rules are my rules."
  2. "I am responsible for everything."
  3. "What's happening right now is the only way it can happen."
  4. "I am not the body."
  5. "I am not the mind."
  6. "I am a mother to the world."

Say this mantra aloud, and watch your state change as you shift your attention and energy. You become more open to possibilities and rekindle your peak state, even in challenging situations.

If it's the wrong client in sales, it's okay to gracefully move on. But if it's the right client and the problem lies in your low energy, then the mantra can work wonders.

You'll know it's time to use it when you catch yourself feeling grumpy, pushing too hard, or wanting to move forward faster.

This quick mantra helps me transition from below the line to above the line – back to my peak state. The deal usually closes, and if it doesn't, I've got another trick up my sleeve – the Peak State Walk.

The Peak State Mantra is an ancient yoga mantra that I learned from Sadguru during the Inner Engineering program. It's a life-changer, and I'm thrilled to share it with you.

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