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Our monthly strategy team with Simon is the place where we craft and align our main global activities. The clarity and decisiveness we gain in the strategy team is key to our mission of delivering the highest quality and service in the industry. 


Hubert Palfinger

Founder of Palfinger AG


As a high performance corporation we seek constantly to challenge our patterns, change and transformation processes are part of our daily and future work environment. Combining strategic thinking with high empathy Simon is a great sparring partner for us in the industry.


Elisa Meyer

Senior Business Unit Manager, AMGEN


The path to reach our ambitious goal of becoming radically customer-centered and agile was absolutely well designed and supported by Simon and his corporate transformation team. 


Karim Tsouli

CIO of Creditplus Bank AG

Entrepreneurs who sprint with us have reported 

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are proud of their impact
increase time-to-market
gain higher profit margins



A winning Strategy for Revenue Growth is not about numbers. Strategy is about connection and engagement. It’s about having the courage to show up like you really are. It’s about being the story that changes people. It’s about helping them to make decisions they won’t later regret. Strategy done right is an act of generosity. It’s work that matters for people who care. But that’s not the strategy most people experience and not the kind of strategy many people practice. We are here to do it better. To do strategy we’re proud of.


How to scale innovation through the whole organization? How to start a movement that grows itself?

 Over the last 15 years of agile transformations, we battle-tested a lot of innovation tools to start, grow and lead successful change movements that scale. We collected the ones that created most impact with least effort for our community of fellow game changers. To unleash transformation, first stage is entering the mindset of discovery and design.  With that in place, acceleration of tangible progress can be leveraged with our battle-tested innovation tools.

Sprint with us to find out what you are capable of. Design your desirable future. 

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