Become a Certified Strategy Sprints® Coach

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Join the Best Business Coaches in the World

Become a Certified Strategy Sprints Coach

Use the 3 strategies and 274 templates from the Strategy Sprints® Method to scale your consulting business. 

To Scale Your Coaching Business, You Need a Proven Plan and Blueprints
Your Needs
  • Most consultants and coaches don’t have a proven framework for their clients.
  • They lack a proven plan for scaling their business.
  • They love to coach, not to build templates.
  • They have no team challenging and supporting them.
  • They don't have a community to inspire them.
  • Their confidence is volatile which makes sales hard.
What you get
  • All systems and templates you need to scale your own consulting business.
  • The 3 proven strategies and 274 tactics and templates ready to use.
  • Access to a global team that meets every monday to challenge and support each other.
  • You will help entrepreneurs build a business that is irresistible to clients, easier to run and immune to competition.

how it feels to be a strategy sprints coach

As a Certified Strategy Sprints Coach You Get...
  • A complete business curriculum to coach clients through
  • Best practices on how to scale your coaching business
  • Access to a community of coaches who know how to scale
  • Ongoing training to grow your coaching business
The Sprint Life
No flights, No boring meetings. Tons of time to exercise daily, enjoy family and friends and be where you want to be.
Certified Strategy Sprints® Coaches are entrepreneurs passionate about helping other leaders realize their dreams.
As an Strategy Sprints® coaches, you’ll have access to a core support team and a growing community of successful entrepreneurs who love to help other entrepreneurs succeed. All of our Implementers the same core values.
The Strategy Sprints® method is designed to help get to the root cause and solve every issue your clients are experiencing — literally transforming lives with a handful of simple, practical tools that have been used (and proven effective) in thousands of companies around the world.
Business results you can expect
I have worked on Wall Street, and I have never seen this level of professionalism and genuine human support. I am blessed to have you guys, thanks Strategy Sprints Team.
Adam Gilad
Founder of
how it feels to be a strategy sprints client
Ready to IGNITE your sales? Then the Strategy Sprints method is for you! Following Simon's blueprint will ensure your company becomes ON FIRE
John Lee Dumas
Host of Entrepreneurs on Fire and author of The Common Path to Uncommon Success
If you’ve been looking for the missing owner’s manual for a successful online business, Strategy Sprints is it. Nothing is assumed and nothing is left out. Simon gives you literally EVERYTHING you need to launch, grow, and scale a business. A generous goldmine of smart, actionable advice!
David Newman
CSP, author of Do It! Marketing and Do It! Speaking
If you want to double or quadruple your business, talk to Simon and his team!
David Henzel
CEO UpCoach
Strategy Sprints offers methods for not only growing your business, but also enjoying your life more by helping you focus on what matters most.
Nir Eyal
Author of Hooked and Indistractable
The Strategy Sprint was a great way to review and re-adjust our business strategy. Simple but highly effective tools gave us direction and focus and helped to speed up our business development process.
Evelyn Engesser
General Manager at UNICEPTA Information Consulting
Simon runs the program and topics that business schools should be doing.
Randy Myer
Managing Director Carolina Angel Network


What are the revenue streams of a coach?

As a Strategy Sprints coach you have 3 revenue streams: Clients you land, Clients you get from the community, Clients you get from the Head Coach.

How much time does it take to become certified?

You will be ready in 60 days. And you will continue getting training and supervision on an ongoing basis.

How much time do I really spend with each client?

80% less than traditional consulting. Our method takes all the boring stuff from you: preparation, travel and documentation.

Who should apply to become a strategy sprints coach?

Experienced entrepreneurs who want to coach fellow entrepreneurs.