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Join 17,000+ business owners in their weekly entrepreneurial journey to abundance.

Receive actionable tips on how to scale with ease and grace. 

Hire my team to scale your business faster than ever 🎸


Join 17,000+ business owners in their weekly entrepreneurial journey to abundance.

Receive actionable tips on how to scale with ease and grace. 

Identify Your Bottleneck in 8 Minutes

  • BI Consultant: Double sales in 3 months with a better CRM flow.

  • Insurance Broker: Triple enquiries with our marketing blueprints.

  • Financial Adviser: Onboard clients faster = 65% shorter sales.

  • Business Coach: Get gross margin from 21% to 78% in 12 weeks.

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Danish AHmed

If you want to double or quadruple your business, talk to Simon and his team!

David Henzel

CEO UpCoach

Amazing how the strategy sprint 4Xed the company’s bottom line and more importantly the great laser focus and attention through these weekly coachings and weekly reports. It’s bound to be improving how we run the business I mean all come prepared! The sprint is the most valuable thing for our company, the sales side is getting better and better and better.

Val Edwards

ValueBuild Homes

As the founder of Life In Tune, a company that has done business in 82 countries around the world, working with Simon and his team has given us a critical advantage in executing a strong rhythm, harmonious collaborations and the leadership to score again and again. Strategy sprints does exactly what it says

Freddie Ravel

Founder Life In Tune

Simon is truly in this business to help others. He is filled with wisdom, creative, and tons of value. Simon and his team go above and beyond with their services and far exceeded my expectations.

Josh Belk

Owner Belk Detailing

Simon is a great guy doing great things to help businesses and entrepreneurs! I highly recommend him!

Jordan Berry

Real Estate Investor

Try Strategy Sprints and your business will thrive.

Wolfgang Viragh

Snr. Advisor at
Blue Panda Capital Ltd.

These guys really know what they are doing. They have dialed in all the systems and strategies to deliver rapid financial results for business owners who are ready to sprint.

Todd Snyder

Peak Productivity Coach

I had an incredible conversation and meeting with Simon. I found his methodology to be so relevant for us coaches. Also, very quick to respond, generous in terms of his approach and such innovative tools on offer. I cannot wait to be part of his team. This feels like a dream come true for me in terms of next level coaching! Thank you Simon

Sophie Licht 

Personal Coach

I work with consultants and coaches all the time but really have had a blast with Simon and the team. Professional, prepared and they make it fun. 10/10 would recommend!

Jennifer Gligoric

Founder EntrePods

Energetic and practical!

Minter Dial

Keynote Speaker
and Consultant

Great experience with Simon & his Team, thanks for everything guys.

Gerry Kelly

Owner Sonas Denim

Working with Simon and the Strategy Sprints team is such a pleasure, Simon is one of the most easy going, abundant and knowledgeable people I know. I can't speak more highly of them.

Robin Waite

Fearless Business

I know and work together with Simon for several years now - he still manage surprising me, with new perspectives on my business and helpful methods and tools!

Gerald Aschbacher

Greentube Internet
Entertainment Solutions

Simon is a wealth of knowledge and such a fun guy to listen to. His energy is contagious. Love this show.

Nikki Rausch

CEO Sales Maven

Love the practical insights that convert to more fulfilment and a higher bank balance.

Tom Poland

CEO Leadsology

Strategy Sprints™ has excellent tools and resources for entrepreneurs at various stages of growth, including CEO-to-CEO coaching for service and SaaS businesses. We look forward to seeing ways we can collaborate with them on resources for our audience.

Sharon Brown

Investor & Advisor
at Amplify Equity

Incredibly useful consultation with Simon

Ali Abdaal

YouTuber, Podcaster

If you're ready to move beyond the daily grind of running your business, if you're ready to scale and get your time back, if you're ready to take your revenue up several notches .. you're in the right place. Highly recommended!

Anke Herrmann

Business Coach

super smart, genuine, creative and fun! recommended sincerely....

Lisa Bloom

Executive Coach

I love the vision and values behind Strategy Sprints! I found a lot of value in the material. It has brought me back to my inspiration and passion, refining the innovation I want to create in the world and has given me access to be able to market this innovation with more power, freedom and full self expression. Thank you Strategy Sprints!

Karina Dobra

Himalayan Guiding

Strategy Sprints is a great resource for entrepreneurs who are serious about success. Many tools that save tremendous time, money and energy.

Patricia Bottero St-Jean

Start-A-Business Lab

Simon is a great guy with his heart in the right place!

Sarah Santacroce

Humane Marketing

Simon understands the power of listening and collaborations. He's very intuitive and you can tell he puts effort into connecting with people and really digging deep passed surface level issues.

Julian Rotondo

Casual Sushi

I am working with Simon and the Strategy Sprinters regularly and I am always impressed by the mix of experience, methodological competence and the new fast-paced approaches delivered.

Georg Stampfl

Co-Founder Mezzalite

I had a great experience with Simon and Strategy Sprints. I'm running a management consulting business and made their 90-days sprint programme at the beginning of 2020. With Simon as my coach I improved my business week by week. The effect was more revenue and sales with less effort. Thank you! We'll see us again!

Gerald Doblhammer

Stay On Strack

If you’ve been looking for the missing owner’s manual for a successful online business, Strategy Sprints is it. Nothing is assumed and nothing is left out. Simon gives you literally EVERYTHING you need to launch, grow, and scale a business. A generous goldmine of smart, actionable advice!

David Newman

CSP, author of
Do It! Marketing

Simon runs the program and topics that business schools should be doing.

Randy Myer

Managing Director
Carolina Angel Network

Simon is super, amazing, energetic and some kind of genius. Strategy Sprints is a place of the future. Hang on to your hat!!

Graham Ward

Adjunct Professor at
INSEAD Business School

Simon and Strategy Sprints are a tremendous team! Thanks for your great work.

Yuri Kruman

Award-Winning CHRO

Simon is always a pleasure to work with. Reliable, sharp and dedicated. He practices what he preaches and genuinely cares.

Dov Gordon

CEO Profitable

Strategy Sprints offers methods for not only growing your business, but also enjoying your life more by helping you focus on what matters most.

Nir Eyal

Author of "Hooked"
and "Indistractable"

Strategy Sprints, and its fearless leader Simon, are the best thing that can happen to you and your business. I say it from my personal experience.

Sani Abdul-Jabbar

Director, VezTek USA

The Strategy Sprint was a great way to review and re-adjust our business strategy. Simple but highly effective tools gave us direction and focus and helped to speed up our business development process.

Evelyn Engesser

General Manager

I found my strategy call with Simon to be very rewarding, he's already given me a lot of tools and tactics to apply in my business moving forward.

Malin Svensson

Hook & Hold Marketing

Simon and the Strategy Sprints team deliver great value constantly through theoir programs, online free communities and web events. Join them on any of these and you will see results.

Adam Houlahan

Prominence Global

If you're looking forward to expanding your business both at an operational and sales level you definitely want to talk with these guys. Simon and his team will add tons of value to your business with their strategy sprint methodology. Check them out.

Jaime Pazmino

CEO Moonroi

I bought the Exponential Productivity online course from Strategy Sprints two months ago and I am excited about it. I appreciate that Simon shares only the stuff he has tested personally and that works for him and his company. I like the form of short videos and useful templates that can be applied right away. I can definitely recommend this course.

Karel Vaněk

CEO Ditipo

Simon is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic on what he coaches! I loved his coaching program 'Exponential Productivity' and adapted many process & systems for my agency and personally! I highly recommend all his coaching programs!

Kiran Kumar

Band Mojo

Amazing visionary and easy to work with.

Brandon Straza

Podcaster at
The Mastermind Effect

Simon Severino of Strategy Sprints has all his ducks in a row. I met with him and we accomplished a lot in a short period of time. I was impressed with his system and training.

Ellen Finkelstein

President & Owner,
Ellen Finkelstein Inc.

Love Simon's show and his business consulting prowess. Strongly recommend checking out his content and business.

Eagan Heath

Digital Marketing Agency Owner

great working with strategy sprints, very professional and eye opening

Rudolf Pöhl

CEO Salesboat

Always simple and practical. Good job.

Cyril Legrand

Global CEO
Oxford Ledership

What Simon Severino offers is rare in this world. His curiosity and affection for humanity shine through the Strategy Sprints method

Peter Block

Author of
Flawless Consulting  

Business is strategy and Strategy Sprints gives businesses a systematic way to identify and implement strategies to reach your most important goals. Readable, practical, and doable.

Paul J. Zak

Immersion Neuroscience

Strategy Sprints brings simplicity and efficiency for immediate impact and results on your business development. A practical backbone to get things done with agility and consistency. Warmly recommended.

Cyril Legrand

CEO Oxford Leadership

I´ve known Simon for over 15 years and it is always fun to work with him – what he has achieved with Strategy Sprints in the last few years is truly astonishing!

Sebastian Marshall

Management Experts
St Gallen

I love the value and heart-centered way that Simon brings to his work and with this book. A must for anyone how wants to scale fast.

Christine Schlonski

Founder of
Heart Sells! Academy

Simon presents his lessons and learning from an authentic and entertaining way. By actually experiencing and sharing what most Entrepreneurs will go through, through his own lens, Simon manages to weave an entertaining, highly educational and comprehensive learning experience. A MUST read for any aspiring or growing Entrepreneur!

James Lam

Founder "Look
Ahead Marketing"

For those of you who are struggling to scale your business, Strategy Sprints is your remedy. So many insights, tips and strategies to uplevel your business success. If you’re serious about accelerating your entrepreneurial journey RIGHT NOW!

Jamie Greenberg

CEO "Capitalize
On Your Uniqueness"

Simon has managed to distil the core essence of business scaling success into such an easy to follow method. This is a must if you are ready to take a business to the next level!

Paul O’Mahony

Founder "FUNancial Freedom"
& "Rethink! Academy"


Hire my team to scale your business faster than ever 🎸

Join 17,000+ business owners in their weekly entrepreneurial journey to abundance.

Receive actionable tips on how to scale with ease and grace. 

Regain time and energy. Command the prices you want. 
Regain time and energy. Command the prices you want. 

Join 17,000+ business owners in their weekly entrepreneurial journey to abundance.

Receive actionable tips on how to scale with ease and grace.