Inside VC: Repeatable Processes with Clint Korver | Part 2

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Inside VC: Repeatable Processes with Clint Korver of Ulu Ventures | Part 2


In this second half of the Strategy Show with Clint Korver, the venture capitalist continues to share his successful model on decision analysis through processes that are repeatable and reliable. Learn more about decision quality, the foundation of getting into the business of venture capital as our guest talks about his personal journey of co-founding four Silicon Valley startups with tools provided to help individuals and organisations make better decisions!

What to keep in mind in your repeatable process in VC?

  • Begin with the end in mind.
  • People are greedy, fearful and lazy. So, always do your homework. 
  • Ask yourself: Do I have something special to bring on the table?

Challenges and advice by Clint Korver to his success in VC

The following are some highlights from the episode that sum up the key challenges experienced by Clint in the course of his building a successful model on decision analysis. These challenges taught him valuable lessons of life, and more importantly, the keys to success in VC. Lucky for you today, Clint shares his advice generously to help you avoid bad decisions, foresee risks, and get you the easiest way into VC. 

How to Get Into the Venture World?

The easiest way to get into a venture is to be really successful in some other places, and then use your own money and start making investments

Before Making an Investment

Every time when you are going to make an investment, you should look at this investment relative to every other place you could put this cheque.

What to Avoid?

One of the ways to set yourself up to make a bad decision, we would argue, is to limit your alternative set.

Where to Get Funding?

If you get funding from a venture fund, that's a great way to meet people and to know people.

The Challenge in Startups

The big challenge in the startup world is that it's difficult to know if you're doing well or not for years down the road.

The Life Attitude to Rock

Live life with adventure, meet challenges with love, be true to yourself.

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