How Jaime Pazmino doubled his business

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How Jaime Pazmino doubled his business

Do you believe that your business is ready for growth? 

Do you find yourself trapped IN the business and stretched too thin?

What exactly should we do to smash the shackles and live our dream?


Join Jaime Pazmino and me, as we discuss how collaborating with Strategy Sprints has helped him create his dream life while building and taking his business to new heights at the same time!




Simon Severino and Jaime Pazmino


In the video:

00:23 From political marketer to online entrepreneur

01:40 Focusing on ROI while respecting your client's brand

03:07 Falling in the trap of working IN the business

04:09 Turning a leaf with Strategy Sprints

05:10 The blueprint Lego strategy machine

06:02 Achieve your dream lifestyle while growing your business

06:14 A mindset of working ON the business

06:37 The Strategy Sprints solid backup of coach specialists and problem-solvers

07:00 Creating the life you want while building your business



Watch the full video here

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