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The Five Elements: Your Brand Awareness

The 5 Elements
Who would miss your services and products if you were gone?
Make a list and write the first ten people that come to your mind.
With this list, think of their experience when they come home in the evening.
What do they tell their spouse? What do they tell their boss?
What do they tell about the experience they have with your service or product?
Is there anything you are not satisfied with?

You have the chance to make the user experience what you uniquely stand for.
We think of the Value Creation as 5 Elements -
  • Attract
  • Nurture
  • Close
  • Deliver
  • Retain
These are the five elements that help you construct a powerful brand. Going through these five elements, think of what can you do less or differently.

Let's start with number one - Attract.
Getting people's attention is important, and you can achieve it with the help of the multimedia elements on social platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
Do this without interrupting the flow of their daily activities while you present your product or services to them for the first time.

Now, think of one thing you can do less or differently, and write it down.
The second element is Nurture.
It's simple - be progressive, don't hustle, or you are going to scare your customers away.
The next element is Close.
What is the experience of getting a quote an offer from you? Is it long and boring? Is it technical and cold? Most quotes I see they talk about the wrong things they try to explain features methods tools processes. That's not the most relevant thing for the user. From the users' perspective, my question is: do I feel seen as a user? Does this text describe me as I am? So to me, the art of writing a quote is to use words that let the other feel like you are listening. That's a good copy when you are reading it and you have the feeling: "wow somebody sees me right now somebody's listening to me". So most quotes describe features, methods, tools, processes. But that's not the most important.
Element number four: Deliver.
If a product is remarkable, it becomes its own marketing and the user becomes the marketeers of the product.
Examples: Tesla and CrossFit. 
Tesla- has zero marketing budget, yet the brand strength is incredible, the brand visibility is high. The brand uniqueness is remarkable so everybody knows what Tesla stands for, and you can see it even in some products like cars, which is not what they stand for but you can feel it and see it in the product.
CrossFit- it's addicting. Most people get addicted and they tell their friends at nausea about it. They become the brand marketing here.
The last element is Retain.
All you need to do is to repeat steps two to four in sequential order, forming a positive feedback loop that will gradually improve your brand awareness. 
Believe in and use the value chain cycle to improved your brand awareness.
It's how successful entrepreneurs in our network did it.
And that's how you will improve your brand awareness and excel in your field.
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