"Chasing Excellence" by Ben Bergon

Ever wondered what it takes to be the best in the world, whether as an athlete, CEO, or parent? In a world of competition, these questions become more relevant than ever. Let's dive into the insights from a remarkable book that has inspired many, "Chasing Excellence" by Ben Bergon.

Ben Bergon, the owner of CrossFit New England and coach to top CrossFit games athletes, reveals the secrets to achieving peak performance and sustaining it over time. Here's what you can expect from this book:


🔥 Striving for Excellence: Bergon makes a crucial distinction between those who aim for the top 10% and those who aim for the top 1%. If you're looking to be in the top 1%, you need to focus on excellence, not just balance.


🧠 The Power of Mindset: Bergon emphasizes the role of mindset in achieving greatness. He spends quality time with his athletes, discussing, reading, and emotionally supporting them on their journey to the top.


🎯 What's in Your Control: The book delves into what you can control in your pursuit of excellence, such as commitment, grit, positivity, sleep, and diet. Small adjustments can yield significant results.

⏱ Maximizing Your Time: Bergon understands that many of us have busy lives as parents or CEOs. He provides insights into how to realistically manage your time and training to excel in your chosen field.


🔄 Shifting Perspective: One intriguing takeaway is the shift from maximizing for optimization to striving for maximum awareness. This shift can have a profound impact on your approach to life and performance.


If you're ready to chase excellence in your endeavors, "Chasing Excellence" is a must-read. It's not just for athletes; it's for anyone aspiring to be in the top 1%. Join our Book Club at strategy sprints.com/jvc to explore more inspiring reads. 📖🚀

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