Doing Email Marketing Right with Freddy Lansky

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Doing Email Marketing Right with Freddy Lansky

Do you feel like you’re flying blind with your email marketing efforts?

Join acquisition entrepreneur, and social media and inbound marketing specialist, Frederick Lansky as he provides the answers to burning questions like what the most important thing is when building your email list, how to attract more prospects to your courses, and why someone who gives you $10, $5, or even $1 is worth a hundred times than somebody who hasn’t spent any money at all. 


          Simon Severino & Freddy Lansky

In the video:

05:17 How to build a list

06:30 Don't overwhelm your list

07:09 Offer preference updating aside from unsubscribe


07:53 The best place for conversion: Right below the article

08:49 Don't send courses on PDF file

09:33 Tripwire Offers 


13:41 Non-customer conversion rate and A.I.

16:03 80% of the benefits of email marketing is in the lightbox

18:09 The real money is in the email itself


19:19 Email your offers, don't leave money on the table

28:13 Preparing for the new economy

34:42 Deal Flow, SBA Loans, and Setting Up Private Equity


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