Ghosted as a salesperson (How to increase sales win rate)

Ghosting is a common problem that many sellers face when they have had successful conversations with buyers, but suddenly they stop communicating and do not respond to follow-up messages. We will look at this issue from both the seller's and buyer's perspective and learn what can be done to increase the win rate.

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From the buyer's perspective, they express interest in a product or service, obtain information, but then avoid commitment and ghost the seller. As sellers, we start with a needs analysis, make a proposal, attempt to close, negotiate, handle objections, and then have a frustrated follow-up when the buyer suddenly stops responding. This is where the disconnect happens, and we lose the potential buyer.


The point of sales is the connection between the seller and the buyer. Sales are 90% psychology because it's about building and maintaining relationships. Warm and cold are the two states of the relationship between the seller and the buyer. If the relationship is always warm, we can avoid being ghosted by the buyer. However, if the relationship becomes cold, we need to re-warm it to avoid being ghosted.

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One common mistake sellers make is getting overly excited and jumping forward too quickly in the sales process. For example, when a potential buyer is highly motivated, the seller might immediately send them a proposal without doing a proper needs analysis. Sellers need to avoid jumping too quickly and do a proper needs analysis to determine the buyer's current situation, what they have tried already, what worked, what didn't work, and what happens if they do nothing. It's also important to uncover the cost of inaction, which is the cost of doing nothing, and the possible reward if the buyer invests in action.


Once you have done a proper needs analysis, you can move on to the proposal stage. But it's important to remember that not all buyers will say yes to the proposal. So it's crucial to handle objections and negotiate with the buyer to find a win-win solution. If the buyer still doesn't commit, it's important to continue the follow-up and re-warm the relationship by reminding them of the value proposition and the benefits of the product or service.

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In conclusion, sellers can avoid being ghosted by doing a proper needs analysis, handling objections, negotiating, and continuing the follow-up process. The key is to build and maintain a warm relationship with the buyer throughout the sales process. By doing this, sellers can increase their win rate and avoid being ghosted by potential buyers.



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