How to evolve your organization with Holacracy® with Brian Robertson

Brian Robertson is an experienced entrepreneur, organizational pioneer, and author of the book Holacracy: The New Management System for a Rapidly Changing World. He is most well-known for his work developing Holacracy®, a self-management practice for running purpose-driven, responsive companies. In this Episode of the Strategy Show Simon Severino and Brian Robertson talk Freedom, Speed, Clarity, Purpose, Meaning and Systems. And even how to fire people with elegance!



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3 Valuable Insights

  • Your meetings are only as good as the clarity you have outside of them.
  • Everybody is the CEO.
  • My spiritual practice? GTD and Holacracy.


Show Notes

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[2:38] Be a Ferrari, it's freeing people to go, less meetings, less checking in, but still in a healthy way for the business.

[6:49] The way to improve your meeting starts before the meeting, getting more clarity of structure.

[13:18] There's a discipline about using the specific things we run into to clarify the process and the structure, and it's the same thing we want in a management hierarchy, that's what a good manager does, use the questions people have to generate clear goals and give people freedom to lead within that.

[21:16] You can see our entire governance structure on our website, we are a company not using management hierarchy, but a structure that emerges from every team learning together and engaging in a process together defining how that team works.

[28:27] Every company is going to have their own creative solution to fire people.

[35:37] This is what happens when you don't have the simple answer available, and when you have a governance process where you can experiment.

[40:22] I can't image a better spiritual practice than constantly noticing what's happening in my consciousness, what tension I'm feeling in my body.


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