How to get endorsed by the Dalai Lama

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How to get endorsed by the Dalai Lama with Akshay Nanavati


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The Dalai Lama wrote the foreword for his book: “Fearvana inspires us to look beyond our own agonizing experiences, suggesting means for overcoming our fears”. Akshay Nanavati is also building an empire. CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Athletes - Stay tuned, this one is deeply transformative...

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3 Valuable Insights

  • How to use fear as an access point to bliss and even enlightenment.
  • We defeat our ideas before we even try to make it happen, before we ask.
  • How to be with a thought, with a feeling and not be defined by that thought or feeling.


Show Notes

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[3:02] I shot a personal video for the Dalai Lama about my journey, my struggles, everything I've endured. 

[6:20] Almost always if I follow up, they're like sorry, I'm really busy I would love to talk to you.

[15:21] One thing I do is I have a little book I carry everywhere that I call my spirit armory.

[18:11] I often visualize myself hitting a low, you can't avoid it, it's going to happen, and then visualize transcending that low, facing it.


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