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How To Invest Better With Hershel Mehta | Strategy Sprints 150

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2020

Our guest for today has a passion for helping early-stage companies succeed through investing. He works with his family office based out of Mumbai India, which covers the whole world and is led by the top 10 angel investor Sanjay Mehta. He's part of the investment committee that evaluates and invests in unlisted US companies. He's building up expertise on international transactions and investments through working with early-stage founders.



(01:20) - First question: What excited you?

(01:23) - Emerging markets in India

(04:14) - Middle class with disposable income

(05:03) - Massive consumerism

(07:53) - Three buckets of founders

(12:02) - How to provide value

(15:51) - From generalist to specialist

(25:55) - Not every business needs equity funding

(26:28) - Reach out to your network for funding

(28:30) - Blitz scaling

(30:07) -  Everything comes down to distribution

(30:29) -  Hershel’s personal favourite book

(32:23) - The more you kind of overthink, the more you get stuck.


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