The Importance of Deal Review in Closing Sales

A deal review is a critical step in closing a sale, especially in situations where the opportunity is large and complex. The process involves reviewing and analyzing every detail of the sales opportunity, identifying areas of weakness, and coming up with a plan to address them.

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During a deal review, it's important to follow a set of guidelines that ensure the review process is thorough and effective. These guidelines are usually based on past experience and research and can help identify common problems and pitfalls.


One key aspect of the deal review is preparing for the meeting with the potential client. This involves understanding their personality, communication style, and how they process information. By doing this, you can tailor your presentation and approach to align with their preferences and improve the chances of success.


Visualizing the meeting is also important. This involves planning how you will present your pitch and any visuals you may use. It's essential to consider the setting and how the potential client will receive the information. For example, using an iPad to present information in a face-to-face meeting may not be effective if the client is across the table.

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Another important element of the deal review is identifying the goals of the potential client. Without understanding what they want to achieve, you can't effectively present your solution or make recommendations. It's essential to ensure they have committed to their own success before sending an offer or making a presentation.


In conclusion, deal reviews are crucial to closing large and complex sales opportunities. By following a set of guidelines and thoroughly analyzing all aspects of the opportunity, you can increase your chances of success. Effective preparation, visualization, and understanding the client's goals are key elements of a successful deal review.



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