Inside VC: Repeatable Processes with Clint Korver | Part 1

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Inside VC: Repeatable Processes with Clint Korver of Ulu Ventures | Part 1


Clint Korver, the co-founder and managing director of Ulu Ventures, a Silicon Valley seed stage venture firm investing in IT, FinTech, and startups for over 10 years. Holding a PhD in decision analysis from Stanford University, Clint sheds light on his analytical strategy for decision making that makes his company exceptional from other standard venture firms. Learn more about quantifying expert judgement, assessment around risk and uncertainty as our guest shares his experience of making better business decisions through software, training and consulting!

How to make your processes more repeatable:

  • Understanding the risk is one of the keys to decision analysis.
  • A rubric or metabolic – the qualitative factors to look for investment and market opportunities, is what small startup ventures essentially need .
  • Use your own benchmark on things like dilution.

What makes a successful venture capitalist?

The myth in venture capital that to be a good venture capitalist, you have to have the magic quote unquote. What does that mean? The following tips by our guest highlighted in the show will answer and shine you through the processes of making repeatable and reliable investment decisions in your VC journey. 

Structuring the decision

We're thinking of just kind of structuring the decision, making a little bit more, you know, quantifying the risks.  

Quantifying the risks

There's a field called decision analysis Basically, it's a way to quantify expert judgment assessments around risk and uncertainty. 

Understanding the risks

The key challenge in venture is understanding the risks and the better you understand the risks, the better you can make decisions, the better you can help your companies overcome those risks. 

Numbering the predictions 

When we make predictions about what's going to happen in the future, we've made them in such a way where we analyse probabilities on events and we put numbers on them. 

Acknowledging the risk return of later stage investment 

There's no way for you to put all your capital in those early stages. If you actually look at the risk and return of each of these investments, you would say each later stage investment you make by definition has a late stage risk return.


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