LinkedIn Ideas to Supercharge Your Marketing Strategy

As heavy users of LinkedIn ourselves, my team and I have gathered these tactics to share with you.


Let's start with the first idea: strategically directing your marketing team's efforts. To maximize your time on LinkedIn, limit yourself to one hour per week for content creation. Use your completed flower exercise to guide your content pillars and focus on your target avatar.

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By honing in on specific individuals, you can personalize your posts and make them more engaging. Pay attention to both your company and personal profiles. While the personal profile has 70% more impact, remember to tag your company in your posts to leverage its visibility.


Next, let's talk about LinkedIn pods. These pods act as amplifiers, allowing you to coordinate with a group of individuals who will engage with your posts within the first half an hour. This initial burst of engagement will help your post gain visibility and increase its chances of being seen by a wider audience. Remember to stay up to date with LinkedIn's current features and focus on utilizing their recommended tools. Currently, LinkedIn is promoting polls and newsletters. Incorporate these into your strategy to achieve optimal results. Polls encourage audience participation and provide an opportunity for follow-up conversations, while newsletters allow you to repurpose existing content and reach a larger audience.

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Utilize the "featured" section of your personal profile strategically. Consider showcasing client testimonials, booking links, or directing visitors to valuable resources. By selecting creator mode in your LinkedIn settings, you can unlock additional features and direct visitors to external websites. Coherence is key in maintaining a professional and trustworthy profile. Ensure that the visual elements, such as profile pictures and experience sections, align with your brand identity.


Lastly, incorporate hand-raising posts into your weekly routine. These posts prompt individuals to request valuable resources, such as lead magnets, by leaving a comment. This interaction allows you to initiate personal conversations and build relationships. Remember to end each post with a clear call to action and strategically use hashtags to increase discoverability.


By implementing these ideas into your LinkedIn strategy, you can optimize your presence, engage with your target audience, and achieve meaningful results. So go ahead, sprinters, put these tactics into action and watch your LinkedIn game soar!

Watch the full video here -

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🐬 Now is a great time to supercharge your marketing!

🌞 Answer these questions, get your game plan, follow the recommended steps, and then re-check in one month to see how your marketing improved. Here you go.


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