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LIVE Coaching with Zac Gregg from Vital Design


This week, Simon gets some strong feedback from Zac of Vital Design in this session of real "Live" coaching. Discussion ensues on clients, website pages, surprise navigation, SEO, and much, much more! Zac Gregg is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Vital Design, a New Hampshire-based design company that focuses on brand, strategies and content. Learn more about how he helps companies thrive. 

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3 Valuable Insights

  • Gain insight on how the speed of a site works.
  • Implementing more empathy into a site- you know a lot about you and other people don't know anything.
  • Tangible ways to improve your website, based on Zac's review of!


Show Notes

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[3:39] The B2C companies we work with want to be different.

[5:16] Number one thing, run your page through a page tester, use cache, use SEO.

[6:30] If you're going rapidly deploy content, you need a website that easy to use, flexible, CMS, has tons of tools, works well with tools, can be scalable.

[11:05] You don't want a page that is just testimonials. I saw this a lot 5 years ago. We want to build pages that have value.

[13:33] People are going to do what I call the horizontal journey, they're going to check behind the links, the buttons, they're going to engage.

[15:11] Why isn't there a video of what I'm going to get out of this 15 minute discovery call of you?

[16:56] All of your products and all of your services should have a landing page, and reverse engineer the title of those pages on what people are searching for about those products. 


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