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Google Summer Academy: The Live Sales Funnel Coaching


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Presented by the Google Summer Academy:

Live Sales Funnel Coaching

Coaches: Simon Severino and Markus Kienberger

3 Main Outcomes:

  • Optimize your targeting (Tool: Ideal Client)
  • Reduce Costs & Differentiate (Tool: Equalizer)
  • Make Sales your Superpower (Tool: Sales Numbers & Script)

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Coachee: René, Owner of Management Consultancy

  • 5 employees
  • 450K turnover
  • 20% EBITDA
  • 90% conversion rate
  • Professional services industry

René is facing the challenge of Business Development and Scalability.

We all only have 24 hours in a day. How can we optimize this limitation?

Vision: Scaling and Certified Incita Consultants with no exit.

  • 12 month goal revenue/month: 40 K
  • 6 month goal revenue/month: 40 K
  • Current revenue/month: 30K
  • Confidence 8/10

Confidence is contributed by problems with founder as the bottleneck. The two founders are fill doing fulfillment. You may find that you have too much comfort from other revenue streams and that to find the right SMB consultants to certify is slowing down your processes because they are more hands on than F500 consultants. We start something because we are good at that thing, then it becomes a good product, but then it becomes a company. And that's something really different and we need to switch gears, but we didn't learn how to do that in school.

The different levels of building a company are Job->Business->CEO->Owner.

Getting to the last step is the final step on the way to freedom. the levels of freedom increase with every step and to get there, you have to build systems

First level: Job. You have to go and deliver the work yourself.

Second step: Business. You can't do more jobs, you only have 24 hours. You have to certify other people. Show them how to use your tools and systems and make an impact. Get out of working in the business to working on the business.

Third step: CEO. Not working on fulfillment, marketing etc.

Fourth step: Owner. Hiring a new CEO. Completely stepping away from running the business.

The first systems to create: Sales System. It brings people in. At the beginning you will be doing sales yourself. Eventually you will be moved up to work only on form, fit and function of the system, not doing the sales calls yourself.

What is a qualified lead versus just a lead?

Other system to build first is onboarding so that you can bring in clients smoothly.

3rd system to build is the NPS system.

How can you optimize your sales calls?

Who is your ideal client?

(SMB, product-based, in Switzerland.)

What your conversion rate is: within the network, you can have a higher conversion rate, but you need to narrow down your clients. Leveraging your network is the best thing you can do in the first 3 year.

Give a clear definition of your ideal client and NOT your ideal client for your network. 

What is the product? 

Consultancy services for BusDev, entry management, marketing services for small businesses. 

(René- Incita scalable product for small and mid size companies to go internationally.)

What is the price?

(35K to tailor made 100K)

90 Day Double Your Revenue program:

Optimize Targeting

Using the tool: Ideal Client

There is demographic targeting and deeper self targeting. If we just go for demographic, we will miss many people. 

Who is this person:

Age 65+


Married twice

Born in England

Dog lover

Hight NW

Who is it? Prince Charles or Ozzy Osbourne

If you have a high ticket product, you don't need millions of clients to test, you only need one client, 100 times. If you can understand who this one client is and how to make them happy, they will bring in referrals that are also the perfect client for you.

To find the perfect person, we use a NPS system and ask every customer, every 30 days? what's working? what needs to be improved? Who should we work with next? And then we follow up on those referrals. If we can get that one ideal client happy, then every one client can bring 3 more happy clients. It's an exponential curve.

The ideal client checklist:

What are the mandatory criteria and what are the "nice to haves" for your ideal client?

Make a filtering system that asks the most important questions first so you don't waste an hour on the phone with them. In this exercise, we talk about their dreams, what they want to do? What are their business dreams? What's the vision for their business and how can you and your product help that vision come true?

What are the fears? What's the risk? What keeps them awake at night?

We had a major breakthrough in sales after we made a 100% money back guarantee. 

What are some milestones, some goals that you can help them achieve?

On a much more deeper level, what are their needs? What are their beliefs? What are they absolutely certain of? If they have a belief you need to first start there, otherwise you'll never have a contact point with them.

What are their pains? What hurts? If I have a pain and you have a medicine, I want it now and you have my attention.

What are their hobbies outside of work? You can learn a lot about the deeper person behind the business. 

At the end, who is the ideal client and how can we understand them on a deeper level, where they want to go and how we can help them on that journey.

There is a structure to excellence. 

  1. What makes your offer a remarkable experience?
  2. How do you make it easy for people to make remarks?
  3. Map out your unique value staircase (be real and valuable- how you create value at each step of the staircase)


In each step, make sure to point out the value first and then have an invitation to engage.

Innovation in 90 days:

In both B2B and B2C, we always think about the customer of the customer. In B2B you do need to make a "decider" first in the company, that's your first ideal client. But that's not enough, you need to think about their ideal client as well. That's why I don't think in B2Band B2C as separate anymore.

The Value Staircase: 

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Sales Opportunity
  • Closing
  • Fulfillment
  • Referrals & Upsells

At every point, think about what the value is that you can add and what's the invitation to the next step? You need to create some value, in your authentic way.

Having a relationship building sequence of emails that mirrors the belief map. RBS emails- which belief does it answer and proof we can give for that belief.


How can you differentiate from your competition? How comparable is your offering and how can you reduce something to be less comparable. Which reduction can help you break free from competition?

Reduce Costs & Differentiate

Tool: Equalizer

Simplify your offer. Find what is currently working and let go of all the rest. Find your winning activity and reduce all the rest. 

What are you good at compared to your competitors? You can immediately see where to eliminate, stop competing for mediocrity 

You can do innovation from reduce.

Innovation by doing less not more.

Do less but with a higher impact.

Differentiation Cases: YouTube Strategy Show

Qualifier System - Define the "Must" Criteria

Outcome: Make Sales your Superpower

Tool: Sales Numbers & Script

Most people don't have predictable sales. How can we make predictable sales. Write down your numeric estimates in the 2 months. People who are interested in your product is 5%, then 10% goes to people who have scheduled calls. 50% goes to people who have had a call and are interested after the call. Verbal yes- 80%.

Every week, have these 9 numbers:

  • Number of impressions per week
  • Cost per 1K impressions (CPM)
  • Engagement rate
  • Number of calls schedules
  • Number of calls completed
  • Closing rate
  • Revenue generated in the alst 7 days
  • NPS of last 90 days
  • LTV

Qualified leads are only the ideal clients, the ideal avatar.

When you begin, these numbers will just be fantasy numbers. But if you update every week, in every Sprint, then your estimate will become closer to reality. After 9 weeks, it will be precise. 

Real-Time Steering

Leading KPIs vs. Lagging KPIs

Sales Dashboard- check these numbers in your weekly meeting. 

It's important to have a flow before

 The Sales Call and Script has 10 elements

  • Agenda
  • Qualify & Diagnose
  • Contrast
  • Benefits
  • Trial Close (Open Ended)
  • Deliverables
  • Trial Close (Close Ended)
  • Proposal
  • Close & Objection Handing
  • Schedule a next step

(More on that in the Google Summer Academy- Double Your Revenue in 90 Days webinar)


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