Mastering the Psychology of Selling: 8 Essential Steps

The invaluable insights into the psychology of selling. By nailing these 8 steps, you'll be on your way to getting 80% of the sales journey right, because it's all about understanding the buyer's psychology and needs.

Step 1: Visualization

Visualize your interactions. Use the exact words of your prospect, especially in online situations. When you mirror their language, you meet their needs - the fundamental need to be seen, heard, and understood. Skip this step, and you risk losing their trust and valuable information.

Step 2: Identify Current Frustration

Focus on real, immediate pain points. What's keeping them up at night, giving them headaches? Ask about their challenges, what they've tried, and whether it worked. This is your entry into their world.

Step 3: Evaluate Importance

Is their frustration a top priority? If it's rated above 8 on their scale of importance, proceed. If it's below 7 for them, don't push; place them in your CRM and plan a future follow-up.

Step 4: Cost of Inaction

Don't underestimate the cost of doing nothing. The cost of inaction isn't zero; it's a decline in your results. Explain what happens if they don't take action. Help them visualize the gap between the current state and the desired one.

Step 5: Deliverables

Clearly outline what they can expect from your solution. Focus on results, not just the time and money involved. It's an investment, not a cost. What they invest should generate more value than the starting point.

Step 6: Co-create the Solution

Collaborate with your prospect to develop a joint project. Avoid dictating terms; involve them in shaping the solution. People embrace change when they feel it's their own.

Step 7: Investment

Speak in terms of their investment, not just monetary but also their time and effort. Shift the conversation from the price they pay to the value they gain. Deepak Chopra's wisdom - everything they invest will sevenfold create impact.

Step 8: Statement of Work

Co-create the statement of work with your prospect. Make it a joint project, not something imposed. This collaborative approach ensures they're invested in the process.

By following these 8 steps, you'll effectively reduce the risks in each stage of the buying journey. Your prospects will feel heard and understood, making them more likely to move forward with you. Skipping even one step could cost you the deal. If you need a handy tool to assist you with these steps, check out our open-source tool at

And remember, we're here to help you master these steps and close more deals. Reach out to us at, and let's chat about how we can assist you in your sales journey. Keep rolling and making those deals! 💼📈



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