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Hey sprinters! Today, I share with you how you can improve your sales via more referrals. And that's cool because referrals doesn't cost you any money. There is no marketing expenditure and, you know, we like to grow businesses without marketing expenditures. And it's one of the tactics that I use every day. So I'm super pumped to go deeper into this with you. Let's go in there. You can massively improve your sales just by getting more referrals and to get more referrals. There are three things that you need to to get, right? And I'm gonna share them with you. I do them every day. And I'm gonna share that with you. Some of the clients that I coach have doubled revenue in just a couple months by doing exactly this step. So I hope you are ready. Let's go. All right, we will see now how you can get more referrals, the exact tactic that will grow your business while you sleep and how to build referral teams that do the work for you.

But Simon, why should they do the work for me?

You will see there is a win-win situation that we will create in a very specific method with specific swipe copies. And I'm gonna share that with you. It really works. I'm I'm doing this now the last four years every week. And it works really, really well. And I'm not alone. I have a team who does that with me, but I started doing it myself. And then as soon as it worked, I handed it over to my team. And now it's, it's working at scale, but I will share with you the first steps of how you build those systems. And it's pretty easy. It's nothing special. So of all, how to get more referrals,

Simon, I hate to ask for referrals.

Nobody likes it. And you don't have to in an awkward way, I saw some videos on YouTube. They say, just ask everybody for referrals. No, no, that's not the way to go. Especially not your clients because they will just be irritated client referrals. That's just 5% of the volume of your referrals. You can expect when, when building a business and many on YouTubes, get it, get it quite wrong. When they say, ask, ask, ask for referrals, not your clients. You will need three different buckets of people to ask client referrals expect just 5% of referrals from there. If it's more, it's fine, but don't build your whole case on that. That will be more around 5% on average from clients, we will build two more systems with you, the big JV system and the small JV system. So let's go to number one, how to get more referrals via client referrals. The first thing is make it easy for you because there is a high emotional hurdle to overcome to ask somebody for a referral. And the same thing is with introduction. I also don't work with introduction that way. I don't find it natural and true to me. So what I do is different.

The customer journey

We start with the customer journey. You know, our philosophy sales starts with operations. I, I have a whole chapter in the strategist sprint book on how you improve your operations because when you improve your operations, your core delivery, one part of the sales problem is automatically solved. So we have to start from operate, which means we map out the customer journey. If you need a template for how to map out your customer journey, head over to strategies,, download the free template. Now we map out the customer journey. What happens in week zero and week one and week two and week three, et cetera of working with you now that you have that, you know, when there are breakthrough moments and when there is high energy, these are the moments where you create an automated email or you just call them depending on the volume of clients. Ideally you just call them and and you ask A couple questions first, Hey, congrats on this success. I saw you had a breakthrough in X, Y, Z. I wanted to ask you, What's missing. What should we improve? What else do you need? What's going particularly well, which part helps most? And from one to 10. And how likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend?

These are the questions that you either ask them by calling them, or, and I, I share a ton of cases in the book or you just automate the email. At some point you will have more clients that you can call. And so we have an automated email in this very specific phases. Our program is 90 days. So the customer journey is month one. We free up 10 to 14 hours of their time. And so after 30 days, there is an automated email that says, Hey, congrats. I saw you have freed up at one of your time. And then we ask them this set of questions. In the second month we improve their sales cause they have now 10 to 14 hours, more time to work on their form, fit and function of their sales system. So we improve their sales with them.

So day 60, they get an email, congrats, improve your sales, by the way, what's missing, by the way, what else doing it by the way, and then day 90, same thing. We have improved their marketing at that point and the same set of questions. And it is a system because I don't have to think about it and I don't have, to me, it's just an automated email series. That's why it's helpful. So how you get client referrals, you do your customer journey. You map out where you solve which problem and in that parts where you have breakthroughs for them. This is when you ask them for referral. But remember that's just 5%. So we have to move on to the second system. The second system is what I call the big joint venture partner. This is a game changer. And I will show you exactly how to do it after one word from our sponsors. What if your business would run well, even when you are on vacation, discover how 1,600 business owners have regained their freedom using the strategies, sprints, blueprints, how they enjoy living their dream and watching their business scale, get the exact checklists they use to go from stressed to fulfilled using the strategy sprints method, order your copy of strategy sprints 12 ways to accelerate growth for an agile business on Amazon today. And if you love it, leave us a review for more information, head over to

All right. So the second referral system that we it to install is what I call the big JV partner system. So I, we have one big referral partner per year that we create a win, win, win situation with this year, it's Google. And so if you head over to their YouTube channel, you will see that they promote us on their channel, their webinars and the, and say, Hey, if you wanna scale your business, this is the strategy sprint method that can help you. And now I can hear you,

But Simon, why should Google wanna work with me?

There are many platforms companies that need to solve one specific problem. And if you, you can help them solve that. It doesn't matter who they are. Everybody has some business problem that they need to solve for somebody. And if you are that person who can solve that, they don't care about your size. It's a win, win, win situation. So with Google it's, they have this program room grow with Google. There are small companies that wanna grow and now they bring the experts together. They bring the companies together and that's a win, win, win situation. Now, how can you find your ideal, big partner? You make a list of your dream. 100 partners write down, okay. I would love to work with this platform, this brand, this platform, and then you literally start talking to them. I, we, we were just lucky that number one hit already.

The referral system

Otherwise I would just continue the list and next year will continue the list. So it's making a list of your dream partners and re literally starting talking to them. Hey, my assumption is you need to solve this. I think I'm the best at solving this. Can we talk literally then there is number three. Number three is the small referral partner system. This is where in your first year you can bring together if you do it monthly, you can bring together 12 affiliate partners that work with you. They promote you while you sleep. And when you intensify that. So in the first year we have 12 and then we had that system running. So we said, okay, let's just do it more often. And we went too weekly. Now we have 50 partners every year promoting our things. Basically they are our referral system, our referral teams, they're out there promoting right now, as we speak, they are promoting us in their email list and we are promoting them in our email list.

How do you start the, it, you find partners who have a similar list, size, email list size than you have. Let's say you have 2000 people on your email list. And then you find partners who have a similar size. It's important that they have the same people that they serve. So the same ideal client that they serve, but the different offering, a complete mentor offering, let's say you both are serving B2B business owners and they are an accountant and you are a lawyer. That's a perfect joint venture partnership right there. Or you help them with sales. Somebody else help them with marketing. That's another great partnership right there. So same target group at different things that you can offer and different problems that you can solve for them. You have the ideal partnership and then you give them two swipe copies. They give you two swipe copies, and now you can start promoting them.

You just need a calendar and say, okay, when, when am I promoting who? And who is promoting me? When now you have your three systems, have a joint, a venture system, big joint venture system, small, and you have a client referral system on automation. But Simon, Simon, Simon, where do I find those 50 partners? Now you can either start building it yourself, or you join some groups that have already brought together affiliate partners for you. For example, I run one of those for my clients and I'm opening it up for our communities. So for example, the JVC, the joint venture club that you find at, you can become a member. And then you see James cast who says the JVC gave me access to an exclusive network of CEOs to expand my business. So he found referral partners right there.

Then we have Antonio who says, it's an amazing opportunity to grow your business faster. He accelerated the growth of his business by finding those referral teams in there that I have grown together over the last years in, in, in all across continents. K Stanford says the JC for me is the joy of generating new businesses to get you see the collaborative aspect of this. And then you have Simon Alexander on who says I joined the JVC because you don't get to the top alone. It is worth the investment. You would access our global Roledex and you would get sales, master classes, access our contacts, 24, 7 blueprints and weekly coaching's on sales and marketing. And of course you find for partners like they found. So that's maybe an option. You jump into platforms that already have possible joint venture partners for you like strategies, sprint com slash JBC, or you just start having, you know, JV coffees with people that fit those criteria, same target group, different offerings, and you start building your network over next weeks. But

Simon, what if I don't have an email list,

Then you, you start collecting the context that you have start building your first email list. And again, some platforms like the JVC, they might help you build that list faster. But you have to start somewhere. Let me know what else do you need. I'm happy to help and go grow your business via referrals. Keep rolling.

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What if your business would run well, even when you are on vacation, discover how 1,600 business owners have regained their freedom using strategy sprints blueprints, how they enjoy living their dream and watching their business scale, get the exact checklists they use to go from stress to fulfilled using the strategy sprints method, order your copy of strategy. Sprints 12 ways to accelerate growth for an agile business on, on today. And if you love it, leave us a review for more information, head over to


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