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Targeting the Business Bottleneck

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“Create a system that fulfills.” – Simon Severino

Hi Simon this is Fred from Atlanta. We are blessed, having 7 kids. It is so much love… and affection…. But I only have 3 hours a day for my work. Growing my business in such a short time is too darn hard. When talking about focus, what is the best way to identify the most important stuff? 


The Parts of a Business (0:40)

  • Attract 
  • Nurture 
  • Close
  • Deliver 
  • Retain 

The Attract phase is where people usually see your offering for the first time. It’s an introduction to you and your business. (0:46)


The Nurture phase is how you create trust and a relationship with them and with the topic. As an expert on the topic, how do you lead from that position? Are you presenting valuable tools and knowledge? (0:54)

You need seven to nine contact points in order to get to the next phase. It is like building a relationship.

For example: You fall in love with a waitress at a restaurant. You can’t go directly to “Will you marry me?”. You have many steps in between. You go back, and back, and back, many times to the restaurant and then start sending some signals. See if it resonates. Then, slowly, over weeks, you will build a relationship. (1:18)

These seven to nine contact points is what we call the Nurturing phase. 

It can be built and systematized. 


Then the Closing phase. What is the sales script? How do you or your team talk to the people who want something from you? How you do get to a contract and actually working together? (1:58)


The Delivery phase is how you make the client happy, and how you solve the problem right now. (2:13)

For example: In our Business Accelerator (coming soon), we have two problems to solve. 

One: how to have less stress and time commitment while running the same amount of revenue?

Two: how to increase the revenue to get better clients? (2:23)

It’s two different problems and for every problem you will need a separate delivery process. 

You can automate them. Make them feel effortless and easy. 

When they work 1:1 then you can scale them to work 1:N. 

This is where growth ends. Growth is raising the revenue per month which would be (on Entrepreneurial Freedom) Level 3, but in (Entrepreneurial Freedom) Level 4, you go from growth to scalability. By pulling yourself out of the fulfillment and creating a system that fulfills, you can scale 1:1 to 1:N. (3:10)


Finally, the Retain phase. It costs so much less to retain happy people and to cross-sell and up-sell them than to acquire new people. (3:32)

When somebody is happy working with you, what can you build there is an offer an invitation to stay around and continue to be involved?

Keep Rolling

Simon Severino, CEO Strategy Sprints GmbH 

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