$150K Additional Revenue in just 90 days with Nadeem Mohammed

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$150K Additional Revenue in just 90 days with Nadeem Mohammed

Do you want a way to stop having to chase clients for payments? 

How does a lack of focus impact you and your business?

Is it possible to achieve a 400% rise in sales in just 90 days?


In this short interview, Nadeem Mohammed and I discuss how collaborating with Strategy Sprints has helped 123smartPRO soar! Find out how this fledgling company smashed their 3-year projected targets in just 1 year! In addition, Nadeem now also shares his SaaS knowledge as a Certified Strategy Sprints Coach. The ripple effect is strong here and the business world is all the better for it!

                            Nadeem Mohammed and Simon Severino


In the video:

00:14 Meeting the SaaS Whisperer

00:44 An invoicing solution for tradespeople

01:10 Stop losing money to run-away clients - Be a Pro on the Go

01:39 Overcoming the biggest hurdle

02:10 Focus to make things easier to understand

02:15 Developing products in sprints 

02:41 The efficacy of the 90-day sprint

03:20 400% rise in sales

04:41 Applying the Sprint methodology


Watch the full video here

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