The 4 Levels of Entrepreneurial Freedom

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Hi Simon, this is June from Chicago. My husband says I am working even MORE, now that I am self-employed… Honestly, I was searching for freedom when I broke out of the system to do my own thing. I feel like the business is running me, not vice versa. Is it just me, or are other entrepreneurs going through the same? I’d love your thoughts Simon…


Entrepreneurial Freedom can be divided into 4 Levels.

Level 1: Job. (0:43)

The revenues are coming in and out, you have projects that you say yes or no to. 

The systems are completely manual, and the profits are low, sometimes even negative, sometimes barely breaking even.

This is what I what I call having a job, not running a business. It’s the work of a passionate individual. We all start it there and it’s wonderful. 

You broke out from the corporate system. You are becoming more and more yourself. You’re spreading your wings but it’s not viable so you will need to systemize a little bit. 

Level 2: Business (1:32)

Specifying your offerings.

Revenue is better. Systems are still manual, but the profit is getting bigger because you are starting to streamline your offering. 

Now you don’t reinvent every project from start but you start modularizing parts of your services. It’s a mix. I call it a ping pong of services. 

Some productized services, some leveraged services which you do 1:1, also 1:N so you reuse your knowledge and your products get better. 

Level 3: Growth (2:22)

You can start having real vacations, with no email and no phone. You can have a three, four, even five day vacation and the system is running smoothly. 

You will have (and we help you with it with this program) a fully automated lead generation sales and marketing process. And an automated onboarding system. Big chunks of your business are running smoothly. Your people are doing and learning and improving without you. 

But, it doesn’t last more than a week.

Level 4: Scaling (3:15)

Getting a four week vacation. (It took me three years to get there so it’s not the fastest way).

 My hope for you is that you can get it done much quicker. 

To get from Level 3 to Level 4, you have to pull yourself out of fulfillment. 

Even if it’s a people business. 

You will have to package your IP in a way that is high quality for the customer, but it also works without you doing it all yourself.

These are the four levels of entrepreneurial freedom. 

If you want us to work in 90 days in getting you from one level to the next one just go directly to You’ll get playbooks. You’ll get us. You get a one-to-one tailored process to get to the next level. (4:07)


Keep Rolling!

Simon Severino, CEO Strategy Sprints GmbH

P.S. Entrepreneurial freedom is awesome. It’s also a lot of hard work to get there. And when you are there, it is easy to lose your grip. Our community of 16.000 entrepreneurs is getting stronger and stronger every week, because we amplify each other. We share what works, and drop the rest. We test, refine, improve. Check to level up your business and have fun doing it. 

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