The Trust-Building Formula: Key to Building Trust in Sales Calls

I'm diving into a crucial topic inspired by your burning question: How do you establish trust in online sales calls?

Let's face it, in the digital realm, trust is everything.

They don't know you, they're skeptical about sharing real budgets, and they're solely focused on solving their problems. So, how do we bridge this gap in an online sales setting?

Here's the scoop from our Monday coaching sessions, where we dissect the art of trust-building and increasing sales success rates.

Step 1? It's all about using THEIR words. Seriously, speaking their language is key. Why? Because change is embraced when it comes from within. Use their words to guide them through the journey; it's about THEIR decision-making process, not ours.

Next up: Quality questions. Your queries should evoke insights, not just regurgitate information they're already aware of. Show your expertise by revealing something they hadn't considered before. Craft these questions, rehearse them, and watch the magic unfold.

Lastly, recommendations. Yes, you're biased, but that's because you're an expert! Your decade-long experience and countless interactions make you an invaluable source. When you recommend, you're guiding them toward their best decision, not just pushing a product.

Remember, buyers in an online sales call seek trust, likability, and expertise.

So, what's the secret sauce?

Listen to their words, ask insightful questions, and offer genuine recommendations aligned with THEIR best interests.🌟📈

Watch the full video here:

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