Top 3 Cryptos to buy now (2022) Massive Potential


Price ready

Sprinters. I have something very cool for you. The top three crypto assets that I am buying this week, why I am buying them, why they are low risk and high reward, why they can probably three X this year and where you can find them at which price are you ready for? This let's go.

I'm quite excited because these are times of life changing wealth redistribution from one generation to another. And it, it's pretty tough to pick the right assets at the right moment. You can pick the right assets in the, at the wrong price, and then that's, that's not helping you at all. And you can pick the wrong assets and then it's pretty immaterial, which price you pick. So I've done the work and I'm gonna share with you the, the outcome of 100 digital asset analysis that I did. I did fundamental analysis. I did the technical analysis and I'm sharing the top three that I'm buying this week. I'm buying five this week, but the top three is what I'm sharing with you, because I want you to know this and to have the chance, if you want, add them to your portfolio I'm not a financial advisor and I'm not getting any money for this.

I'm doing this to give back because the four levels that this channel is about is first. I want to help you make money with the things that you love with your passion, turning your passion in, into a revenue system. That's level one level two is you learn to save. And from that revenue every month, and that's the profit system or saving system, because now you need cross margin operating margin and net margin, and I will teach you exactly how to do it. Most people don't know how to do that. And then the third part, now that you have so many profits, what do you do with all this surplus money? How will your children be able to enjoy it? Under inflationary circumstances? So level three is you learn to invest your earned wealth so that you keep it around. And depending on your goals, you can pre-ex with our method or you just keep it around for the next generations, or you can do both.

So this is what this channel is about. And I am now at level four, which is, I teach this to all of you because I've been doing nothing else over the last 21 years than helping entrepreneurs. Like you like John, like SARE to improve their revenue systems, profit systems and investment systems. So this is what I am. I'm not just the YouTuber talking YouTube stuff. I'm somebody who's actually since 21 years changing revenue systems and profit systems and investment systems of the smartest people on the planet. And I am now at level four. I want to teach, I wanna share this with you because I wanna pass it on, right. I'm the father of three kids. My mission now is to share this with the world and because it's more fun for me. So that's why I do it. Okay. I'm not getting any money for this.

The hardest asset

It's just fun for me. And it's fun to do it with you. So let's jump into them before we do this. It's not stated that what is best for me is best for you. So before you take any action on the three prices and the three assets that I tell you, check what your portfolio composition is. So how much do you want in stocks? How much do you want in real estate? How much do you want in crypto? How much do you want in cash? My personal allocation is I want 20% in real estate. That's for me is the hardest and the no, it's, it's the hardest asset. Then the second hardest for me is crypto and only the blue chip cryptos. And then I want also stocks, equities, okay. These are my main positions. And then cash is right now, 1%. And I'm even going to deploy that 1% this week.

And end of April, I want to take profits and build up my cash position. So sell some equities and sell some cryptos so that I can build up to 20, 20 to 5% of cash again, because I expect some dips this year. It's, it's quite probable how the world is going right now that there will be some macro, macro, political geopolitical shifts and conflicts and events. So I wanna be ready if that happens with 25% cash. Usually as you can see, I I'm around 1% cash. I don't wanna hold cash because time in the market is much more important than timing. The market timing. The market is super difficult. Most people don't get it, but time in the market, if you just are in the market with your money in the five best days of that year, you do much more than if you just try to pick bottoms and and buy low.

Because during that time that you are waiting for the low, your money is not doing anything. And that's why overall we have a whole video calculating that overall, you wanna your cash be working for you, be in the, not, not only by. So having said that, the next thing that you need is a thesis, right? Pick an area where you are an expert. So my thesis number one is inflation is, is here to stay. And so we'll have a commodities bull run. We are transitioning from a disinflationary period with oversupplied commodities, to an inflationary period with underlined commodities. And when undersupply and same demand come together, price goes up. So I am long commodities, producers, gold producers, silver users, and Bitcoin in that area. Second thesis is we are moving from using the bank to being the bank. We have this handover from boomers to millennials and millennials.

Asset picking

They will go directly to being the bank just because they can it's on their phone. So why should they do complicated stuff, paperwork and KYC. Then we go directly to the digital versions of banking and they have it on their phone. It's easy. It's, it's fun. And they get paid for having money instead of they paying for the privilege to having money on their bank account. So here I am, long Solan Luna. I'm a launch fantom Bitcoin and some proxy, digital galaxy digital silver gate. So I have a third is also which is risk adversity. We are, we are having a segment rotation this year from growth stocks to dividend stocks, and let's see how this plays out. So now when I pick my assets, I picked them accordingly. So phase is one finance networks, smart contracts. My area, I could go to layer two solutions like math, but they are much more risky because layer two means that layer one is working for you.

So what is layer one blockchain? What is layer two layer? One is the street. Let's say it's Perry is the street of Paris is layer one layer, two, the buildings, the cars layer three, the shops in the buildings. So what's least risky street. Of course, street has a cycle of a hundred year. What's the next riskiest thing, the cars, the buildings, they have a much shorter cycle. What's the next riskiest thing, the shops in the building, because those shops, they will change even under a year. So that's the idea, right? That's why I go to layer one, because if you remember, if you were around, otherwise, I, I tell you that during the gold rush, people who made most money were not the people who were looking for gold. The people that made most money were the people who were selling the picks and shovels to the people, looking for gold.

Because if you look for gold, you can find something you cannot, right. It's low, but it's a high probability that all these people will need. Some water will need some picks and will need some shovels. Maybe even that re that protects from rain or protects from the sun, depending on the season, right? You can be pretty sure that there will be a bottleneck. And we are bottleneck oriented strategy advisors. It's 21 years that I'm teaching the strategies, sprint method, which is a bottleneck driven way of doing strategy, finding the bottleneck and where the bottleneck is. It's where the energy is. This is where we people really need something. So when you were looking for gold, what's the bottleneck. You need, you need a water. If it's hot and you need pixel shovels, that's the bottleneck. Without that, you cannot find gold. So that's a hundred percent the bottleneck focus on that.

You de-risk and you have still a huge upside. That's the philosophy behind our investments is okay. Now I have picked four layer ones, and those are super, super different, but also very strong. Number three is avalanche. Avalanche is what's the use case of avalanche. It is how can we digitize everything? So everything metaverse will need it. Everything gaming will need it. And my buy orders right now are at 79. And my second buy order, which is three times the amount is at 68. Okay. At 79, I buy X amount at 68. I have three times that limit order set. Okay. That's other lunch answer to the question? How can we digitize everything? So it's pretty relevant to the world we live in and also to the world. That's, that's, that's going to be soon. Pick number two is Solana Solana answers the question, how can we create symmetrical information flow?

So they are based on a proof of history, consensus mechanism, which is pretty smart and, and efficient. And I have been watching the number of developers flowing into Salana every day for in last six to eight months, and also the, the money flow into Salana and out of Salana for the last six months. And there is reason for bullishness there. So I will buy Solana at 100 and I will buy three times more Solana at 80. Now these are very conservative numbers. Cause Solana right now is at 134. So it might never get to 80, but it's okay. I'm as investors, we are not day traders. We can wait months. We can wait years. It's more important to pick the right things at the right prices and to pick them early on then to chase things that are pumping, we never chase things that are pumping.

My top three

So Solana, Luna, Ava lunch day all have been pumping over the last three weeks. That's why these are my buy orders. And then number one is Luna Luna with credible news, do corn buying 3 billion in Bitcoin every week. I think it's every Sunday that is buying. And so that's, that has triggered the price upwards and it's creating a ton of bullish momentum. So Luna, I will buy at 78 and I will buy three times more at 63 and full disclosure. I own already big bags of Bitcoin, Solan, Luna, Ethereum, Malan, and Phantom. But these are my top three. I want to even increase in Solana Luna and avalanche. I'm also bullish about Bitcoin, Ethereum and Phantom. I would love to buy some Phantom at 1.3 or 1.1. It's right now at 1.5. I don't know if it will ever get back to 1.3 and 1.1, but if so, I wanna buy, so take your on decisions.

Don't just do what I do, but let this information shortcut your due diligence, inform your fundamental analysis and your technical analysis so that you can also be part of these exciting times. Next video. I'm gonna talk about my second thesis with this food and energy shortage. So I will look at culture stocks, energy stocks, and energy transportation, because you have to move energy around when it's far away. And we will go into the, those stocks. Let me know what you need in between. I'm happy to make a video in between any time, just let me know in the comments and keep rolling everybody.

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