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Google Summer Academy: Double your revenue in 90 days


Google Summer Academy presents

Strategy Sprints: Double your revenue in 90 days

Hosted by Markus Kienberger and Simon Severino


We all have a journey towards freedom in front of us. We are in the middle of this journey. The staircase to freedom from job, to business, to CEO, to owner.

Simplification. Liberation.

Liberate people from manual tasks. Liberate people from complicated processes and unhelp process. How?

Create systems instead of tasks. Checklists, SOPs, Processes that can self adapt. Make it possible to feel the process and improve the work individually. Everyone is a leader because they all work on the business and in the business.

Sales Systems

Foundation: Who is it for? What is it? What's the price?

Avatar: Who is it really for and who is it NOT for?

What is it? Make Sales easy by have one clear message and one main product and one and only one price. Try to answer it as simply as possible.

Try to turn your users into superfans. 

There is a structure to excellence. 

  1. What makes your offering a remarkable experience?
  2. How can you make it easy for people to make remarks?
  3. Map out your unique value staircase (be real and valuable- how you create value at each step of the staircase.)

Value Staircase- Create value at each step

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Sales Opportunity
  • Closing
  • Fulfillment
  • Retainment: Referral & Upsell

Value Ladder: Smallest > Main > Upsell

At each step of interacting with your users, create one piece of value, something that's remarkable. How do you do it in your real life? What would be a positive surprise for your users that fits your identity?

Tool: The Customer Journey

Go deep into each step of the staircase. Write in each step and dive deep into what they need, what they expect, and what would be a "wow" experience. The bottleneck could be in any step. Map out every single step and create one "wow" after another. Realize what is the pain and how can you pick them up where they are and move them to a higher stage. 

You need only 1 client. 100 times.

Create an RBS email system, or get a Sprint Coach to help you:

Belief Map -> Pick them up at their bus stop

Nurture -> Ride with them

Automate -> Right time, all the time.

Install beliefs in order and include 3 Proofs. Learn how to craft emails that convert. 

Strategy Show YouTube Channel.

Outcome: Make Sales your Super Power

Tool: Sales Numbers & Script

The magic happens when you close the deals. So how can you close more deals?

Predictable Sales- You know what your revenue will be in the next 3 months.

Simplify your Offering. Write down your first "fantasy" numbers. The more certain you are of the sales, the higher the percentage. 

Simplify your Offering. Have only one product. Most leaders are doing too much, so how can you do less? Write everything down, all revenue streams and see what's working and not. You have to look from the outside and see the reality. A Sprint coach can help here and be that outsider and help you double your impact.

Start collecting the most relevant Weekly Numbers

  • Number of impressions per week
  • Cost per 1K impressions (CPM)
  • Engagement rate
  • Number of calls scheduled
  • Number of calls completed
  • Closing Rate
  • Revenue generated in the last 7 days
  • NPS last 90 days
  • LTV

After you have those number, write down a numeric quantity for your Growth KPIs. Once you have and know all those numbers, you have a business. Not a job.

Start setting goals. How much do you want to improve in the next 30 days? Now you can set realistic growth targets and goals for the next 30 days. Write it down for each step. Test with your team on how you can improve from 1 to 3. You will have successes. Your customers will be happier. It's a positive reinforcement loop.

Real-Time Steering - So you and your team can feel what's going on. What's in your control and outside of it.

Leading KPIs- Qualified Leads; Sales Estimation Number; Proposals Submitted

Lagging KPIs- Contracts signed; NPS/Client Satisfaction; LTV

It's like Angry Birds: you do something and immediately get feed back. Do something and get 300 points. Do another thing and get 400 points. You want to feel the reaction immediately. 

Sales Dashboard

This is what you should track everyday and discuss and improve every week. 

Get in contact with that's real and what's here.

Sales Script

The important parts of the script are: Agenda, Qualify & Diagnose, Contrast, Benefits, Trial Close (Open Ended), Deliverables, Trial Close (Close Ended), Proposal, Close & Objection Handling, and schedule a next step.

A great closing starts with a good opening. You cannot hire sales people before you have a Sales Script and know how often it works. 

Outcome: Align all Activities

Tool: The Focus Card


 How to measure if the quality and speed of your progress is going well. 

With the dots, you and your team can double check if these activities really contribute to the vision. Reduce the number of distractions.

You can see everything on one page and see who's doing what every week. This is the implementation. 

Meetings: What do we need to create as a team?

Quarterly (2 Hours)

Outcomes: Vision, Financials, Company Health Score, Value Chain Numbers, Team Performance, Core Values, Feedback from everyone 360, and New Hires.

Monthly (90 Minutes)

Outcomes: Vision, Financials, Marketing Numbers, Sales Numbers, Ops Numbers, NPS Score, and most importantly your #1 Bottleneck.

Weekly (60 Minutes)

Outcomes: Magic Moments, Client Wins, Team Wins, Marketing Numbers, Sales, Numbers, and again, importantly your #1 Bottleneck.

Daily Stand Up (10 Minutes)


  • Daily Huddle
  • Each Member
  • Each Priority
  • Each Day

Summary: We have a strategy to turn users into superfans by mapping out where you can find value. And how to get from volatile unpredictable sales to super reliable predictable sales. Strategy never creates results only implementation. Work on form, fit and function. of your sales system. Break it down into what you'll do in every time period from today to next quarter to 5 years in the future.

All tools used: 

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